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Samarchanka took two gold in the Championship of Russia on swimming

With two gold medals Yana Kostin from the championship of Russia which passed in the Nizhniy Novgorod region has returned. Following the results of this tournament now form a national team for participation in the European championship. So, most likely, the Samara sportswoman will go in the near future to submit the European pools.

in pool Yana overcomes Treasured 50 metres for 2 minutes of 11 seconds. It – the Russian record in paralimpijskom sports. Because Yana Kostin feels freedom and speed only in water. On an exit from its pool the invalid chair waits. Without it the girl practically does not move. At it congenital illness – a children`s cerebral paralysis. He prevents to speak till now to it distinctly. But has not prevented to become professional plavchihoj.  

illness also has resulted Yana in swimming.   four years ago they with mum have arrived for the first time to pool TSSK of the Air Forces.

- I have for ever remembered this date – on April, 20th, - mum, Lydia Fedorovna tells. – Yana then was absolutely not able to float, floundered in water in inflatable oversleeves. I so worried that plainly I do not remember, how have passed the first employment. Before eyes there was only the daughter compressed in a lump in water.

it is possible, Yana still for a long time would master water elements, if not a meeting with the trainer Alla Belousovoj.

- Yana simply flopped in water, and even in oversleeves tried to sink, - Alla Nikolaevna remembers the first meeting with the pupil. – I have paid to this attention and began to give advice. Next day they have come again, and I again helped them. Since then and it was moved.

Yana Kostinoj managed to subdue water elements together with the trainer Alla Belousovoj
the Photo: Love of Nikolaev

First about any serious sports and speech could not be. Floated simply for health. But once the forces in competitions have decided to try. The debut has appeared more than successful – Yana became at once the champion in the class. Now on its bill – three victories at the All-Russia competitions, some records of Russia and a rank of the candidate for the master of sports. It the girl could achieve all for 2 years. It is most to Yana successes her mother rejoices. When conversation comes about the daughter, Lydia Fedorovny`s eyes without exaggeration start to be shone:

- It is possible to become crazy simply at such thought good that you see the daughter sick in strong degree, in such sports form! At it the body became poured, there is no flabbiness, it looks strong, sports! – mum of the champion speaks.

Now Yana takes part in two kinds of swimming: on a back – and freestyle (again - taki on a back). Others yet are not given – to pant. But the girl it is not necessary to get used to difficulties, after all it overcomes them every day. Mum also helps with it to it. Their two   do not stop neither ice, nor abrupt steps. Every morning – trainings, trainings, trainings. However, all it compensate results. Now Yana is capable to act and abroad.

While Yanin an example – more likely, an exception to the rules. The people adhered to an invalid chair or still in any other degree defective, seldom dare to go in for sports, especially seriously. For today in the Samara region only 9 plavtsov - invalids.   they are a part of modular our province and defend its honour at competitions of the most different levels.