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Paul Astakhov has put to the Pskov area 4 with a minus

the Representative by the rights of children at the president of Russia Paul Astakhov inspected child care centres of the Pskov area on April, 21st and 22. Together with it in region has landed so-called « children`s special troops » - experts in childhood protection. The known lawyer has visited branch of regenerative treatment for children at city hospital, correctional school 1, the Center of medical pedagogics, the Pskov children`s village - SOS, the Pskov children`s home and others internatnye establishments for children - orphans.

Operatively about our area Paul Astakhov shared the supervision in Tvittere, and on termination of a trip has told about seen on meeting with heads of the Department of Internal Affairs, court and Office of Public Prosecutor, representatives of regional administration and public organisations.

the Four with a minus

From the first children`s ombudsman Pskovshchina has received four with a minus.

  - the Minus is a potential because I have not put the five to any region, - Astakhov at meeting has declared. For small term of the work on this fast the lawyer has visited 54 regions, has visited in almost 800 children`s internatnyh establishments, therefore is with what to compare and eat, what to analyze. Paul Astakhov is a lot of attention has given to a subject of foster homes, children`s criminality – figures on region have grown, to collecting of the alimony from parents - defaulters, to absence in Pskov of half-way houses for graduates of the boarding schools which have appeared in a difficult reality situation, to effective placing of memory bills of children - orphans in banks.

Astakhov: the Minus is a potential because I have not put the five to any region
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Has praised Office of Public Prosecutor for active work in board of trustees of the Pechora boarding school, and officials for postinternatnoe support in the Pskov area.

Following the results of inspection Paul Astakhov has given various commissions. The Office of Public Prosecutor together with the representative by the rights of the child in the Pskov area Dmitry Shahovym should check up security systems all children`s medical institutions in region in connection with a pedophilia case in Budyonnovsk. (23 - the summer pedophile - the recidivist has got into hospital through a window, has withdrawn 9 - the summer girl in a man`s toilet and has raped. - red.) .

- All such and other child care centres should be provided by video observation systems. They not so cost much, - the defender of children has noted.

Also the known lawyer has charged to check up children`s playgrounds after winter.

- In area only - only much starts to become, because new enough governor and programs which exist, are started in 2010 and in 2011, - Paul Astakhov has noted, summing up a trip on region. – programs should exist - your plan for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. It is necessary that you would understand that becomes for protection of children.

In one of interview Astakhov has declared that in boarding schools it is necessary to prepare country elite. « has asked the known ombudsman how it can be made.

- each child, at each person has a talent. To give the chance to reveal to this talent the good teacher, the tutor should. Unfortunately, it is not enough such people. Here it is necessary to speak about that nearby there were people who will show both a reference point, and an example, and will give the chance to reveal. There are two more aspects which allow the child to become just society elite.

On what Astakhov suggests to stake?


- to Take all known children`s home - a boarding school in Pavlovske. I had to leave there and almost for hands to deduce the director to adjust normal conditions – the ombudsman speaks. - but nobody knows that there there live ten Olympic champions. Represent, children with the limited mental faculties, in the hardest conditions. 550 persons live in a boarding school! It not a boarding school, and factory children`s misfortunes!

- Thus there is a trainer good, the head who has selected children and little girls, and they are engaged now. The twice champion of the Paraolympic games on gymnastics of Vitja Smirnov. He has defeated Beijing and on the previous Olympic Games. The girl, the skier - the Paraolympic champion. At them medals so many that zaveshana all wall. And anybody about it does not tell. And it is necessary to tell. Elite - the sportsman the Olympian? Elite!

the Technics

- Is still other element. I saw some establishments in Magadan. At them an autobusiness class where there are engines in a cut. All boys there. They are engaged in these cars, motorcycles, engines. It is interesting to all boys. They at least receive one demanded trade at once.

the Military science

- In Kronstadt, for example, is in military nahimovskoe school, cadet classes. Difficult teenagers can interest not so many. Except as smoking and binge, than it is possible to interest them? The most difficult, most otjavlennye and impudent as soon as dress the form, as soon as discipline, they are reforged, begin all qualities: impudence, boldness - to direct to a positive channel. Heroes who can risk life for the sake of the higher ideals grow from them.  

Astakhov has visited the Center of the time maintenance of minor offenders
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There are no, unfortunately, today such teachers who in everyone could consider the future brilliant, instead of reject aside as unnecessary stuff or slag.

- it is very important, that the youth came to child care centres, and we see in Pskov and across all Russia that middle age of heads of child care centres aspires to the pension. It is very difficult to explain to the person that is necessary today, at the present stage, in the modern world. I am assured, the majority of heads now plant in the Internet, cannot find plainly anything, anything to make. Mail electronic cannot send.

But where to take such Makarenko and Suhomlinsky if and at usual schools they do not suffice? A rhetorical question.