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Kubantsev sent on the Chernobyl atomic power station under the pretext of military gathering

Today 25 years since that moment, as bahnulo on the Chernobyl atomic power station are executed exactly.

to Cope with consequences of a radiating hell went and kubantsy. Our fellow countrymen, store rooms of the second category, military registration and enlistment offices sent there under the pretext of the next military gathering. Basically took away men is more senior 35 years, and who already had children. Then anybody from them and concept had no, than this trip can auknutsja. The authorities reported that very well, the TV showed as before messages from fields and reportings from congresses.

Michael Markushin was One of liquidators of failure on the atomic power station krasnodarets.

- Only on 21 - j day after failure   the secretary general of the Central Committee of the CPSU Michael Gorbachev has declared that explosion on CHAES is really dangerous to the population, - tells 61 - summer Michael Markushin. - This very day about two o`clock in the morning in my apartment have called, and the bellboy from a military registration and enlistment office has handed over to me « the fighting summons » on two weeks. Ostensibly where - that there was an insignificant leak of radiation and there was a possibility to spend military gathering in the conditions approached to conditions of atomic warfare. That is Chernobyl, nobody spoke to us. I should be within an hour to a place of gathering.

All have brought to a village Dinsky and have marked in local club, where there were no even beds to spend the night.

- During 10 - 12 hours, having changed clothes in the military form, we loaded in cars all necessary for carrying out of gathering: automatic machines, machine guns, grenade cup discharges and other, - are remembered by Michael Nikolaevich. - Then nobody suspected that all this stock is not required to us.

Two days of jolting in « teljatnikah » - Cars without shelves and armchairs, and soldiers have arrived into place - to village with the optimistical name the New world, it near to Chernobyl.

- Have placed us on the fringe of the forest where was not neither houses, nor communications - anything. About one days we pitched tents, then some more days equipped the life, - continues krasnodarets. - Two weeks to us were later zamershchiki radiation.

To a suit to Michael Markushinu have given out a respirator « the Petal » It protected only from a dust, instead of from radiation.

It has appeared that our camp is in a radioactive stain where it is not less killing beams, than at the most nuclear station. It was necessary to rake up quickly all things in a heap and to go to other place. But only have settled down on a new glade as in two weeks have come to measure radiation level. Again we have got in « a deadly stain ».

Only from the third attempt in 45 kilometres from the atomic power station men managed to place camp without harm for health. But conditions on - former left much to be desired.

- Water nobody delivered, drank that that there was, that is infected. Washed in local small river. Fur-trees   opposite porridge and crackers,   -   Michael Nikolaevich speaks. - it is natural, some of us about this nightmare wrote in letters to wives who have lifted all administration of Krasnodar on ears. Then the mayor has organised points of reception of products for liquidators of failure. Only a month later we more - have less begun to live.

Instead of military gathering soldiers had to participate in liquidation of consequences of accident. Works sufficed all: unloaded structures with cement, spent deactivation of houses - washed off from roofs by means of a fire engine and soap water a radioactive dust, and then dug in a shovel this swill in the earth.

- each of us had special devices - so   the named stores, which indications   should reflect radiation level. But when after two months we left and have handed over them for the account, was found out that they simply did not work,   - liquidator CHAES tells about those times.

to Michael Nikolaevichu as obliges - it held a post of the commander of a platoon of mechanisation - it was necessary to go on office the car on settlements in search of various spare parts to the failed technics. And more memoirs has left, of course, Pripyat.

- Each time, driving Pripyat, I always paid attention to the same balcony of the many-storeyed house where the linen on a rope dried, - Nikolay Markushin speaks. - Sometimes it seems to me that it there hangs and now. And still I remember, profits as - that in one Belarus settlement for performance of special works. There 50 days nobody lived. Unexpectedly to us the cat has at full speed rushed, publishing heart-breaking sounds. It was visible that an animal very hungry. She ran to us, hoping for our protection and sympathy. And when it was absolutely close, in it someone has thrown a stone. She has broken off, has turned and, scaredly having put the tail between the legs and ears, has turned back in empty village. Even it wanted to me to begin to cry, so it was a pity zhivotinu. But the person who has thrown a cobble-stone, has explained that in wool of a cat the radioactive dust has gathered a lot of and to communicate with it is unsafe.

Participation in liquidation of the Chernobyl atomic power station has imposed typing errors on all life. Much had to change a job or for ever to leave on a state of health then to pester officials, to acquire the right to privileges.

- To a trip to Chernobyl I was engaged in air photography and once a year passed medical - the flight commission together with crew, - Michael Nikolaevich speaks. - A year later after a trip on the atomic power station at me health has sharply worsened.   then has gone in medical - the labour commission, but to me have told that with such symptoms physical inability do not give. As a result has achieved the and has obtained it. After that has written the program on a subject « Social support for chernobyltsa ». Also has won with it the grant of the USA in 1997. On this money has published a directory « the Companion chernobyltsa ». To me letters from all Russia came, people of advice asked, at me till now two bags of messages is stored. But now all privileges have cancelled, if earlier to us a vacation package in sanatorium gave, journey was free now it is not present anything. About us remember only on April, 26th. It is insulting...


12 798 liquidators of the Chernobyl atomic power station live today in Krasnodar territory. Among them 3 348 invalids, 106 children who were born after 1986 from first generation.