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On Kuban patients of Armavir hospital where the Siberian ulcer is found out, refuse to go to a dining room

After a two kuhrabochih from Armavir TSRB have taken away in the Krasnodar regional hospital with the diagnosis « the Siberian ulcer » the people have begun to panic. Mums and fathers even it is strict - have strictly forbidden children to eat in school dining rooms. The pier, the infected meat can get on a table to teenagers.

After all the raw materials both in clinic, and to educational institutions were brought by the same supplier. And not the manufacturer, and only the secondhand dealer Ararat Karabahtjan. The man already called on interrogation. The businessman has explained that     beef bought on a farm « the East » with all accompanying documents. After that it brought hulks on an Armavir slaughter-house where them undressed and sent on establishments.

- But before to send meat in hospitals, schools and kindergartens, it checked in vetinspektsii, - the businessman has explained pravoohraniteljam.

Here only when inspectors began to check meat in refrigerators of nutrition unit of the hospital, any veterinary stamps on beef they and have not found out.

Workers have told that stamps were, but them already cut off together with a meat part.
the raw materials which have Remained in a dining room have sent on research in kropotkinskuju laboratory.

Results of examination will be ready only in a week.

But not the fact that the infected beef was brought to hospital by legal suppliers.

Guards do not exclude that workers of a dining room could take the meat not checked up by veterinary surgeons on cheap stuff, naturally, without documents.

- Now we understand, who delivered meat in hospital and on whose fault in nutrition unit there were poor-quality raw materials, - have explained us the deputy chief of investigatory department across Armavir Sergey Kanjuk.   - As to a hospital management, and. Islands of the head physician have discharged of a post as soon as it became known about incident. Concerning it office check is now conducted.

By the way, the same supplier provided with meat not only Armavir   schools, kindergartens and hospitals, but establishments of Uspensky area.

And first of all those who hammered in the hulk should pick up a terrible infection, however not on a farm, not on a slaughter-house, fortunately, nobody has caught.   in the meantime physicians of Armavir hospital try to calm patients.

- the Youth at us especially not impressionable and appetite loss does not suffer affliction, and here with pensioners simply misfortune any, - the nurse, asked not to specify to her name has told to us.   - old men are afraid to go to a dining room, call to relatives and ask to bring meal from the house.  

Physicians also hope that at two kuhrabochih from hospital the diagnosis « the Siberian ulcer » will not prove to be true.

- Patients now in a satisfactory status, temperatures at them already are not present, - Marina Vartazarjan has informed us the deputy chief of department of public health services of edge.
47 - summer Galina Vorobeva and 27 - summer Anna Kovshutina continue to be under supervision of doctors in regional infectious hospital.    

Pravoohraniteli do not exclude that concerning the guilty criminal case will be brought. But while preliminary check under articles 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (« is conducted; Delivery of the goods and rendering of the services which are not meeting the requirements ») and 293 (« the Negligence »).

inspectors find out, who all - taki is guilty that the infected meat has got on hospital kitchen.

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