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New marks of vodka in 1994

In Russia now drink and Imperial vodka

During the last years Russian likero - vodka distilleries have created impressive quantity of new marks vodok and bitter tinctures. Business reaches funny things: in Russia is issued Imperial vodka and even vodka Solovetsky . And joint-stock company Liviz (former Leningrad LVZ) lets out vodka in which name its address - " is taken out; Sinop 56/ 58 . Thus each factory tries to think up a drink more in an original way, frequently forgetting that vodka is first of all a mix of high-quality spirit with well cleared water. Probably therefore the Moscow factory the Crystal also has let out past year on the market two new marks of vodka - Old Moscow and Epic in which besides these components there is nothing. Today will tell about new marks vodok, which steels to be made in Russia in 1994.

the Crystal has lowered turns
Creation of new marks of the goods - process natural and natural. However if to speak about such specific product, as vodka, that, in authoritative opinion of the chief of research laboratory the Crystal Galinas Zajkanovoj, it is business very difficult. As actually as vodka the drink in which there are no aromatic additives (therefore " can be called only; Kuban and Lemon - bitter tinctures).
Old Moscow - the vodka developed specially for home market. For its preparation high-quality food spirit " is used; lux (on a fortress and quality of clearing it has no analogues in the world) both the cleared and prepared water. As to another kristallovskoj vodka - Epic - that its release for factory has almost experimental character. For the first time on the Crystal began to let out the vodka, which fortress below 40 degrees (in Epic - 38). G - zha Zajkanova has told that the tasting commission of factory has tried weight of variants of mixes of spirit ekstra (from it marks " become; Capital and Moscow ) and specially cleared water also has stopped on a fortress in 38 . It appears, fortress decrease even on such small size sharply improves flavouring qualities of vodka - first of all it became much softer.
one more new mark the Crystal (it is developed in cooperation with The Pierre Smirnoff Co.) - Black Smirnoff - is issued in the limited quantities and is on sale while only in Great Britain. It is interesting to that in its compounding besides lux and the prepared water a small amount of the flavoured spirit on the basis of barley enters. With this inclusion vodka gets an original, rude shade like whisky. However, in Galina Zajkanovoj`s personal opinion, this component differently as self-race it is impossible to name.
Volumes of release new vodok at factory while are rather insignificant. For example, in 1995 zaplanirovanno to let out 3,52 million has given Greetings and only 240 thousand has given Old Moscow . However further manufacture of new marks, probably, will increase. And in plans the Crystal this year - release of bitter tincture Powerful in which infusion eleutorokokka will be used. G - zha Zajkanova considers that this drink will be interesting first of all not to self-assured men .

to lower caloric content of vodka, add NutraSweet
did not lag behind from the Crystal and others likero - vodka distilleries. The experts occupied in this branch, total about 100 various names let out in Russia vodok (not including bitter tinctures). We will tell about the most original marks vodok the past year. The Samara factory Liksar has started vodka release JArilo in which each bottle at pouring it is put two small pods of red pepper. In a compounding of other vodka Liksara - Nikolaev original it is included instead of sugar podslastitel NutraSweet (used, in particular, companies PepsiCo and Coca - Cola for release of low-calorie drinks). At factory consider that this addition Considerably reduces caloric content of vodka . Vladimir LVZ has started to let out the variant Kremlin - with addition of fragrant spirit of colours and grasses . On visible, there are not afraid of a competition to vodka Kremljovskaya of the Belgian manufacture, or consider that it (competition) really tempers character.
concern Rosalko in 1994 has started advancement of the new mark of vodka CHarka . Now it lets out already 6 likero - vodka distilleries of Russia. It has been till the end of the year let out about 1 million bottles. Besides idle time CHarki its celebratory variants - " are developed also; CHarka Christmas and CHarka the Victory . Last will be specially let out to 50 - letiju victories in the Great Patriotic War in rather original packing - it will spread (besides usual container) in tin army and glass flasks and in bottles in the form of an artillery shell.