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Swindles of psychiatrists and tutorial council

Trustees use illnesses of owners of habitation

Yesterday employees of psychiatric hospital #4 Novosibirsk have demanded from the representative of the president of Russia across the Novosibirsk region Anatoly Manohina to protect the rights 88 - summer Darya Markovoj. According to doctors, their former colleague Ljubov Homchenko, abusing office position, has issued trustee Markovoj the relative and thus has appropriated its apartment. Employees of psychiatric hospital have demanded to bring against Homchenko criminal case. That named these charges by slander and has addressed in court with the claim about honour and dignity protection.

Psychiatrists have informed the representative of the president that in January, 1992 in hospital with the diagnosis the schizophrenia has arrived lonely pensioner Darya Markova. It was deranged, and guardianship over it was issued by daughter - in-law Ljubovi Homchenko, one of the former employees of hospital. In November, 1992 the examination appointed the head physician psihbolnitsy by Ivan Tolpygo, recognised Darya Markovu quite made, and in March, 1993 the head of administration of Dzerzhinsky area of Novosibirsk has cancelled guardianship. However Darya Markova till now it is illegal, according to psychiatrists, is in clinic, and its apartment and apartment of a family of Homchenko are united by an exchange in one. Earlier psychiatrists have stated all these facts in the letter in Office of Public Prosecutor of Dzerzhinsky area of Novosibirsk which has filed criminal charges upon malfeasance. However inspector Boris Sviridenkov has stopped business against Homchenko in the absence of crime structure.
according to Ljubovi Homchenko, the true reasons of prosecutions from the former colleagues - in its old conflict to the head physician psihbolnitsy Ivan Tolpygo. According to Homchenko, besides statements in Office of Public Prosecutor and letters to the representative of the president, the hospital management has extended the information discrediting it through the newspaper Evening Novosibirsk . It became an occasion to a reference to the court with the claim about honour and dignity protection, and as co-defendants the hospital collective acted.
by data gorprokuratury, the such facts - not news. During 1992 - 1993 inhabitants of Novosibirsk repeatedly addressed in the City Council with statements that their relatives remained without habitation - it has been sold or obmeneno by trustees. Among such trustees, according to Office of Public Prosecutor, was the chairman of trade-union committee 4 - j psihbolnitsy Belief of Kano, and also the chief of department of guardianship and guardianship of administration of Kalininsky area of Novosibirsk Pahomova. Last has issued on herself guardianship of elderly woman Maria Sidorovoj and has exchanged its apartment. The Office of Public Prosecutor has established and some more facts of illegal sale of apartments trustees. However begin criminal prosecution guilty Office of Public Prosecutor could not, as article UK providing responsibility for abusing by tutorial duties, any more does not operate.
will return to this theme after consideration of the claim of Ljubovi Homchenko in court.