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Yakut gazoviki ask in Gazprom

the Dowry of the bride was made by projects and debts

In the end of the last year in a press time and again was informed on the civil-engineering design of a gas pipeline Yakutia - South Korea which is developed within the limits of the agreement between Yakut and Korean the governments. To pull the part of the project independently Yakut gazovikam was beyond the power, therefore, according to agency Interfax the president of Yakutia Michael Nikolays has addressed in the federal government with the request to consider introduction possibility JAkutgazproma in Russian Open Society structure Gazprom . The Russian Open Society as it became known, not so was delighted to such prospect.

the Gas pipeline Yakutia - the Far East should provide export to 25 - 30 mlrd fuel cubic metre a year. Now taken stocks of natural gas in republic make 1 trln cubic metre with prospect of extraction to 2 trln cubic metre at the stocks estimated in 9,2 trln of cubic metre. In parallel with designing and building of the export pipeline there should be a large-scale development of gas deposits as while Yakutia does not provide even own requirement for gas (it makes 8 mlrd cubic metre a year at the existing volume of extraction nearby 1,5 mlrd).
Gazprom already participates in project working out, however only in a role of the agent of the federal government. Now it had a prospect to be engaged in development of the Yakut deposits and gas pipeline building directly. It not so Gazprom Arranges - according to the adviser of the chairman of the Russian Open Society Vladimir Podeljakina, all resources of a society are involved now in the Yamal project, while perspectivity of the Yakut deposits demands specification (and it is time and money), and debts of consumers JAkutgazpromu - not the best dowry. So while the Yakut party has received categorical is not present though in Gazprom do not exclude possibility of such alliance in the future.
at the same time, in a situation with jakutsko - the Korean gas pipeline other turn of events is quite possible also. The matter is that the basic part of the Yakut gas is in oil and gas deposits from which it is necessary to develop oil stocks first of all. So attraction to this project of other large structures is quite probable. It is possible to mention, for example, the oil company Sidanko which affiliated structure - Russia Petroleum - Actively works around the future line in the Irkutsk region and has own projects of development of Eastern Siberia.