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The situation around eks - Yugoslavia

Contact group is live, and here its plan at deaths door

the Armistice between the Bosnian Serbs and musulmano - the Croatian federation, concluded thanks to intermediary eks - US president Jimmy Carter, 11 days operate. Continuation of military operations krainskimi Serbs and oppositional to the government to Sarajevo Muslim forces cannot change as a whole to the worst a situation in Bosnia. Hopes of achievement of peaceful settlement of the conflict have quickened and among the representatives of the international contact group who have finished yesterday session in Paris.

However, while remains not clear as it is supposed to solve the most exciting all parties of the conflict a question on territorial delimitation in Bosnia. However it is definitely possible to tell that to the plan developed before contact group on which 49 % of territory of Bosnia should depart to the Bosnian Serbs, and 51 % - musulmansko - the Croatian federation, hardly it is fated to be carried out. The mention of it has disappeared from the resolution of the session which have taken place on last week of contact group in Bonn. And in Paris where experts of the countries - participants of contact group conferred, the assistant to the US State Secretary on the European questions Richard Holbrooke has declared that the plan of contact group is considered now only as a starting point for the subsequent negotiations. And, despite assurances of some participants of the Parisian session about an invariance of the main principles put in the plan of the Bosnian settlement, entering of corrective amendments into the future card of Bosnia is possible.
it causes the increasing irritation of the government to Sarajevo. The prime minister - minister Haris Silajdzhich at a meeting with Holbrooke on the eve of session of contact group in Paris has stated concern of the Muslim party in the outlined tendency to refusal from reached before arrangements and has declared that Sarajevo does not intend to discuss any changes in the plan of contact group. During too time the Serbian party supervising now more of 70 % of territory of Bosnia, has agreed to accept the settlement plan just counting on entering into it of the changes, concerning territorial delimitation.
to settle this collision representatives of the countries entering into contact group who, according to the decision accepted in Paris, should visit within the next few days Belgrad, Sarajevo and Pale are called. In an opposite case the armistice entered for a period of four months, hardly will be long.