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The situation round the Caspian oil

wins the one who is able to keep silent in time

" Is more often; the Transaction of a century between Azerbaijan and the western oil consortium remains a subject of discussions. Yesterday the embassy of Russia in Yerevan has extended the next protest against gjulistanskogo the contract . The criticism which is starting with bowels Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is not new, for the ministry declared negative attitude to the project for a long time. Curiously another - activization of the head of Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Russia Yury Shafranika. A number of its last statements testifies that the minister, actually receding from former positions of the department, it does not want to appear thereby the switchman which can fall a victim of internal dismantlings in the government. In the meantime itself gjulistansky the contract it is transferred yesterday to studying in parliament of Azerbaijan. As its head Rasul Kuliev declares, it can be ratified within a month. So time has gone. GEORGE`S comment - BOVTA.

In quality the actions incompatible with a legal regime and infringing interests of Russia in the statement of embassy of Russia in Armenia it is specified not only the conclusion of the transaction with a consortium in $7,5 mlrd, but also smaller agreements on scales on development of a shelf of Caspian sea, preparing in Ashkhabad and Alma - Ate. Notes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia are already directed Turkmenia and Kazakhstan. In them (the position the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is same and concerning the Azerbaijan transaction) it is said that unilateral actions concerning Caspian sea are illegal . But if earlier in official statements of the Russian diplomats here put an end forcing analysts to guess that further now here there is a comma. Developing a theme neligitimnosti Such transactions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (which earlier declared the position where more silently and more softly), feeling, probably, both the correctness, and support in the Kremlin, has passed to to strict preventions : Russia reserves the right to itself to take measures which will be necessary for restoration of the broken law and order and liquidation of consequences of unilateral actions, and at that time which she considers necessary . Is here and a hint to the western investors who, unexpectedly, will dare to ignore anger of Moscow and to start execution illegal contracts : responsibility, including a possible material damage, will lay down on those who undertakes unilateral actions, showing neglect to the legal nature of Caspian sea and the obligations under the international contracts .
Toughening of tone of Moscow lets know: in the Kremlin have come to a conclusion that against projects of type Azerbaijan it is necessary to struggle to the victorious. Meanwhile still recently raznogolositsa performed by the Russian departments made impression absence at them a common opinion. There are bases to assert that through the Azerbaijan embassy in Moscow on the eve of signing gjulistanskogo the contract Baku has received the certain assurances, having a source the Russian government that with the transaction of a century from the point of view of observance of interests of Moscow everything is all right. The day before and right after signings of the contract the representative of Ministry of Fuel and Energy Stanislav Pugoch going in Baku, has afforded (probably, it had on that the bases) to speak on behalf a name of the government of Russia, having declared: all statements about discontent LUKOIL and Russia the transaction are groundless and the contract it is highly estimated by the government of Russia . Representatives of thermal power station sharply criticised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in particular its speaker Grigory Karasina who has declared that Moscow the contract officially does not recognise. The ambassador of Russia living in the distance from the Moscow intrigues in Baku Walter Shonija was even more frank. It, having disavowed words of Karasina (it is visible, without knowing that already and Kozyrev has opposed the contract), has declared that between the Azerbaijan and Russian government the cooperation agreement in the field of thermal power station where the accessory of deposits of Azeri, Chirag and Gjuneshli to Azerbaijan " admits is signed;. Meanwhile to polemic it was connected vitse - prime minister Alexander Shokhin. He, has informed yesterday Interfax has called rigidly to understand with officials who have admitted signing of the contract and nedouchli thus interests of Russia .
Ministry of Fuel and Energy, having scented bad, hastens to reverse. Yesterday Interfax and RIAs have extended messages about to the peace-making initiative SHafranika, suggested to create committee on settlement of oil recovery with participation of Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenia, Kazakhstan and Iran. As confirms Shafranik, the preliminary arrangement with all specified countries, except Iran, already is. Under the draught agreement, these states will generate committee, proceeding from conditions of the agreement of the USSR and Iran from March, 23rd, 1940, and also at introduction in the Caspian water area of concept of maritime belt - 10 miles from coastal line. Only within these of 10 miles the shelf will be under national jurisdiction of the coastal states. That is the minister stands up now for the same on what insisted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia - for joint working out of a shelf by all coastal states. At this Shafranik tries to save the face, noticing that, in its opinion, the conflict to Azerbaijan is strongly exaggerated . Besides, the minister obviously does not wish to act in a role of the main whipping boy in the history with the contract. As official representative Shafranika Sergey Verin, " has noted yesterday in interview to Agency of the oil information; LUKOIL signing the contract, operated according to the intergovernmental contract between Moscow and Baku and all work under the contract was constantly reported in the government . Idea collective responsibility the minister and the prime minister has picked up and LUKOIL . As has informed yesterday to Interfax the chief of department of the information of the company Alexander Vasilenko, LUKOIL has presented all materials under the contract to the device of premieres - the minister that is why does not expect negative reaction from the government. The most curious in this history that the head of the government from which name become so raznjashchiesja statements, throughout all this interdepartmental polemic stores thoughtful silence.
In the meantime the head of Azerbaijan is in New York on United Nations General Assembly, using possibility for meetings with Bill Clinton and direct negotiations with the president of Armenia Levonom Rubbed - Petrosyan. Heydar Aliyev aspires to get support of the USA which after signing of the oil contract sharply became more active on a path Karabakh mirotvorchestva. However, Moscow still has a possibility to convince USA not to interfere, having hinted that material interests of the West on Caspian sea will not suffer, and repartition of quotas in favour of Russia will occur at the expense of the former republics USSR. From dipistochnikov it became known and that Moscow already undertakes also attempts to induce Teheran in common to oppose gjulistanskogo the contract in general and against a Turkish way the export oil pipeline in particular. So all struggle round the Caspian oil - in Moscow, Baku, Teheran, Ankara, London and Washington - still ahead.