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Actions GUMa: 9 dollars - not a limit

joint-stock company TD GUM for today is one of leaders of the Russian trading business. Shares of company constantly grow in the price and now are considered as one of the most liquid in the Russian stock market. In the end of the last year the joint-stock company has finished distribution of the second issue of actions in which result it has been received 25 mlrd rbl. which the companies have allowed not only to liquidate all debts, but also to begin building reconstruction on which it is already directed an order $6 million

the First release of ordinary registered stocks in total amount of 2,7725 million pieces for a total sum of 277,25 million rbl. and exclusive registered stocks in total amount of 727 500 pieces by a face-value of 100 roubles has been registered after privatisation GUMa and carrying out of the check auction which has taken place in February, 1993. The auction course has made then 7 actions on the voucher. After placing of the first issue of actions by shareholders of the company became more than hundred legal bodies.
on March, 4th, 1993 the meeting of shareholders of the company has made the decision on the second issue of actions which has been registered by Department of the finance of the government of Moscow on June, 22nd, 1993 Placing of the second share issue in total amount of 250 million rbl. in number of 2,5 million pieces has begun in August, 1993. In December check auction on which has been spent has been exposed 300 thousand actions. Besides, 17 % of actions of the trading company have been reserved for foreign investors, however to a target date (on June, 22nd, 1994) End of distribution of issue partners have not been found, and a joint-stock company management TD GUM has addressed in the Ministry of Finance with the request for prolongation of term of a subscription. The ministry has allowed joint-stock company to extend actions till the end of 1994, however and to this term foreign investors have not been found. Therefore the remained package has been divided between Russian financially - industrial group, International financially - industrial group and foreign tenants. For today the share of foreign investments of the company makes no more than 15 %. Except them the basic shareholders of joint-stock company TD GUM are bank Capital (5 % of actions), Mosbusinessbank (3 %), CHIF Eurasia (3 %), other actions are at small investors.
Tracing dynamics of a share price of joint-stock company, it is possible to note constant growth of quotations (profitableness from investments in company securities is estimated in 400 % annual in currency), however along with the moments of substantial increase of a course it is possible to notice and the moments of its falling. For example, in July of last year attempt buying up of shares of company by foreign investors has been undertaken therefore the share price has sharply flied up upwards. However this attempt is not has gone right, and stock quote some time decreased. For today a course stock value of joint-stock company TD GUM makes an order of $9 for the action.
according to experts, a joint-stock company share price TD GUM will continue to grow in the near future. As at successful carrying out of reconstruction of the main building of a share of company can rise at once on new level. Besides, many experts mark some zanizhennost a course stock value - proceeding from their current price and amount (6 million) it turns out that company actives make all $54 million, while a total cost only shops GUM - Prague and GUM - Budapest makes $60 million Considerable advantage of these securities their highest liquidity is. It is possible to tell that it is the most liquid securities from all let out by the Russian privatised enterprises.