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Alliance AVVA had problems

On the national car there was money

no Assumption that building in Tolyatti new factory on manufacture the national car VAZ - 1116 within the limits of project AVVA can be postponed at least, prove to be true. Under data from various sources, joint-stock company Autovases intend to direct collected for building of new car factory of $50 million on development of new model VAZ - 2110.

Recently representatives AVVA kept silence concerning everything, as to projected factory. And in Tolyatti in the circles close to a management of VAZ, about stop - the order an automobile new building spoke as about business solved. Yesterday Interfax has informed that the general director of joint-stock company Autovases Vladimir Kadannikov at a meeting with trade-union figures in Tolyatti has declared that cost of new factory makes about $800 million, of which $300 million - starting. He has told that created for realisation of the project of joint-stock company the All-Russia automobile alliance (AVVA) which controlling stock owns Autovases, could, having sold the actions, to involve only $50 million G - n Kadannikov has assumed that in the future nevertheless it will be possible to collect necessary means, but has underlined that building of new factory will not begin neither in it, nor in 1996. Available means will go on start to a batch production of cars VAZ - 2110 and 5 - door updating VAZ - 2123 the Field . The program of their release is estimated in $450 million
G - n Kadannikov named manufacture VAZ - 2110 which release planned to begin in the end of 1994, one of the primary goals. During the current year it is supposed to let out 2 thousand these cars. Other problem - increase in release of the most profitable VAZ - 2108, VAZ - 2109, VAZ - 21099. In 1995 it is planned to let out 650 thousand cars (last year it has been let out 535 thousand, and in 1993 - 660 725). Now a joint-stock company debt receivable Autovases makes about a quarter of trillion roubles (including for spare parts - 81 mlrd roubles and for cars - 71 mlrd roubles).