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Destiny of reengineering in America

to Reformers difficultly and in the east, and in the West

Concept reengineering has got accustomed in Russia from an easy hand of the western advisers, perhaps, no more than year back. In the country with the disorganised economy this process of improvement of the enterprises is absolutely inevitable, though encounters at times misunderstanding and resistance of heads and the personnel. However, under the certificate of German newspaper Handelsblatt, structural and technical reorganisation generates many problems and in the developed countries of the West.

Reengineering was first praised in the USA to the skies as new panacea for reorganisation of the companies - especially after an exit in 1993 of the book of Michael Hammer and James Chempi corporation Reengineering: the manifesto business - revolutions .
Chempi and Hemmer have described the reform spent on Ford in sector of calculations with firms - suppliers. 500 employees of this sector have been occupied by that co-ordinated and eliminated discrepancies between various orders, accounts, inquiries on receipt and etc. At new system the order for purchase is simply fixed by purchasing department in an electronic database. At realisation of delivery the warehouse in the same place checks its conformity to the made order. In a database order performance is marked, and the computer automatically represents the check for payment. Now on Ford in this sector 125 persons are occupied. In divisions of Ford the personnel of accounts departments has been reduced to 95 %.
But soon apostles of reengineering felt incorrectly not understood: they meant cardinal change of all production. Meanwhile the word became so fashionable that firms have started to justify it mass lay-offs of the personnel or purchase of new computers. The result has affected at once: in the last two days on reinzhinirizatsiju Many American firms have gone, and to all of them it cost the big tortures, but only the few have really become successful. According to the data of companies Arthur D. Little and CSC Index, specialising on reengineering, from 65 to 75 % of all such projects in the USA terminate unsuccessfully. The reasons - fierce resistance of managers of an average link which, badly understanding that such reengineering, were afraid to lose from - for reforms the workplaces. Besides, the management of firms vaguely represented an ultimate goal of projects.
and still reengineering eventually has affirmed as quality theoretical bases for activity reformistki the adjusted managers. The best candidates for reengineering - firms which have lost former positions in business. Among them such whales as IBM, General Motors, Sears Roebuck or Eastman Kodak. The case of General Motors is the best acknowledgement of that dismissals yet do not mean an overcoming the crisis. The former management top GM which has declared mass reduction of the personnel, but not wishing to reform industrial structure, for a long time itself has lost work - however problems remained. Unlike GM, in IBM the manager has been appointed to a concern post of the head from outside which was ready to rethink former priorities and system of values IBM and to break the stagnated structures.