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Czechia any more does not recognise passports of the USSR

Living in Lithuania will get to Czechia only through Russia

Since January, 1st the Soviet passport of the foreign sample is not suitable any more for entrance to Czechia. The innovation while extends only on the persons constantly living in Lithuania, but not being its citizens. But the fact of occurrence of similar restriction testifies that there is begun process of non-recognition of passports of the former citizens of the former USSR. A little unexpectedly and that the trailblazer in this business there was quite loyal to republics of the former Union Czechia.

the People constantly living in Lithuania, but not being its citizens, only from the corresponding statement Lithuanian have learnt yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that their international passports became nobody the necessary crust. Other documents except obshchegrazhdanskogo with a stamp of the register of the inhabitant of Lithuania at almost 700 - thousand negrazhdanskogo republic are not present the passport of the USSR. There is no also a possibility of reception of any other documents - identification cards already printed for aliens do not meet the requirements, shown to such documents in the western countries, and to print new gathers nobody - expensively and long. As a result aliens of Lithuania became almost not eligible to travel abroad while only to Czechia, but there is no guarantee that tomorrow similar innovations will not pick up other countries. The Lithuanian parliament trying as - that to solve this problem (and infringement of human rights in this situation is available), yet has not found a real exit. As a result aliens of Lithuania still have only one possibility to visit in Czechia - to be naturalized as Russia. But also this possibility is faster today theoretical - process of reception of the Russian citizenship occupies at the best two months.