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Newsmaker`s diary

the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin has congratulated journalists of Russia, all workers of mass-media on the Day of a Russian press marked on January, 13th. the Russian press renders a great influence on a course of transformations in the country - it is told in a congratulation. In second half of day the president has signed the decree About activity of administration of the Perm area . Because in administration work lacks are revealed, is established to warn the head of administration of the Perm area of Kuznetsova about incomplete office conformity. To control management of the resident to spend repeated check of activity of administration of the Perm area in the first half of the year 1996

the Prime minister - minister Victor Tchernomyrdin has met the leader of fraction of Country party of Russia Michael Lapshin. The meeting has been devoted the Chechen crisis and possible participation of opposition forces in work of the government and formation of the federal budget for 1995. Then the chairman of the government has accepted the ambassador of Russia in Ukraine Leonid Smoljakova.

the Chairman of the State Duma Ivan Rybkin has sent a congratulation on a professional holiday - Day of the Russian press - to editions of newspapers and magazines, the journalistic unions, all workers of the Russian press. Besides the speaker has met heads of agricultural high schools of Russia. During conversation crisis position of these high schools the part from which is on the verge of bankruptcy was discussed, ways of restoration and preservation of potential of the higher agricultural education were outlined in Russia. In second half of day has spent the State Duma Council.

the first vitse - the prime minister of the government of Russia Oleg Soskovets has taken part in meeting of employees of joint-stock company Aviastar passed in Ulyanovsk. Meeting has been devoted sertifitsirovaniju by Interstate aviation committee of the plane They be 204 (about it wrote on January, 10th).

Vitse - prime minister Oleg Davidov has accepted the ambassador of the USA in Russia Thomas Pikeringa. In second half of day vitse - the prime minister has arrived to Pskov for acquaintance with work of new check points on border of Russia with Estonia and Latvia.

the assistant to the president on economic problems Alexander Livshits has spent to a press - the centre of the conciliatory commission of the Contract on the public consent a press - conference on a problem of budgetary expenses on military operation in the Chechen Republic and restoration of its national economy (see p. 2 more in detail).

the Deputy minister of fuel and power Vyacheslav Shamraev has refuted statements earlier made in the press for reduction of deliveries of the Russian oil to the CIS countries. Reductions it is not planned, he has declared, having explained that similar hearings are caused by some change of the Russian policy in relation to oil deliveries according to which all buyers are on an equal footing and the priority is given to those who is ready to pay a big price. In more details about export of the Russian oil to 1995 you can read tomorrow.

Former Belarus vitse - prime minister Victor Gonchar is selected by the secretary of Economic court of the CIS created in the summer of 1992 for consideration of economic disputes under interstate and intergovernmental agreements. The court also is engaged in interpretation of agreements on application, but its decisions have exclusively recommendatory character. The status of the secretary provides also that g - n the Potter will be engaged in selection of technical and expert shots for body headed by it and to be engaged in economic activities.