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Malaysian island Pangkor Laut appears only in very detailed atlases and is almost unknown to tourists. And this with the fact that here there are hotels - lux and sports complexes, not to mention the tropical nature and the cleanest sea water. Similar travel - a thing rather expensive, but for flights to Asia and other parts of the world (and already and some other) offer the Asian airlines of program Stopover - the trip manages more cheaply because together with flight it is offered also residing at hotel with considerable discounts.

Pangkor Louth - tiny island with tiny bays, 80 which % of the area are covered by rainforests (their age - 2 million years). 120 hectare occupies Pangkor Laut Resort, concerning hotel group Virgin Ultimate and having 125 inhabited cottages and country houses. To keep environment, this complex have decided not to expand any more. It has been based in 1985 and not so long ago has endured a complete repair. At opening after reconstruction by spring of 1994 there was a prime minister - the minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad and the well-known tenor Luchano Pavarotti.
the Majority of the tourists stopping in this hotel complex - lux, - Europeans, from them approximately 22 % - Germans and 20 % - British. Visitors simply in delight from island - from comfort, the delightful nature, rich fauna and silence. In Pangkor Laut Resort it is pleasant to retire: about 30 bungalows here are scattered on considerable distance from each other on sea coast, there are also comfortable country houses with a fine kind on bays. Crystal-clear water, the sandy beaches, convenient routes of buses, snackbars and bars, restaurants with local and European cuisine, platforms for game in tennis and the squash, well equipped beaches with plank beds, possibility to take a towel and to use a shower.
Pangkor Louth - the island which is in private possession. It belongs to the sultan of Malaysian federal staff of Perat. It is to the West from larger island Pangkor where from continent from Lumuta to the north from capital Kuala - Lumpur goes to 300 km the ferry (a trip occupies approximately 45 mines). The hotel complex, however, has the yacht on which it is possible to reach continent of all for half an hour.
flights to Malaysia are carried out by airline Malaysian Airlines - one of the several Asian companies which here already quarter of the century offer program Stopover. The program can carry different names, but its essence same - it includes flight and hotel accommodation (with discounts). The choice of hotels is extremely wide - Malaysian Airlines, for example, offers almost 400 hotels (see the table) and is the champion on geography of distribution of the program. Besides, the program assumes a free transfer from the airport in hotel and back. In Europe programs Stopover while are rare, it is more developed in SAS and Air France, however a serious competition to the Asian air carriers Europeans while cannot make.

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Pangkor Laut Resort. Phone: (60 - 5) 699 - 11 - 00.