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The most influential bureaucrat of Europe

Principles of the commissioner of the Karelian van the Myrtle

Definitive, apparently, the decision of the antimonopoly commission of EU to resolve to the French and German telecommunication monopolies to create joint venture Atlas (informed on it in number from October, 18th) and scandalous resignation of the secretary general of NATO Villi Klasa have involved media exposure on the person of EU of the Karelian heading the antimonopoly commission van the Myrtle. In - the first, thanks to it creation of the European telecommunication supercorporation was tightened for two years (but all - taki has, seemingly, taken place). In - the second, the name of the commissioner van the Myrtle was mentioned in connection with scandal which as a result has fallen down Klasa. However the main reason of heightened interest to the Karelian van the Myrtle still has that now it is considered the most influential bureaucrat of Europe, and is possible, and the whole world. Also intend to remain that till the end of this century.

the Wizard of mood
One of employees of the European branch of the autocompany of Ford remembered the first meeting of the chief, the vice-president of Ford Europe Jacque Nasera with the Karelian van the Myrtle. Conversation promised to be hard. Naser has arrived to Bruxelles so that on behalf of motor-car manufacturers of Europe to convince the antimonopoly commission of EU to renew of some the privileges allowing the autocompanies to operate by exclusive dealer networks on continent. atmosphere in an office van the Myrtle was strained. And suddenly van the Myrtle has started to speak about cars in general. Naser for which automobile theme - the favourite fad, in some minutes poured out on a table of a photo of new models of Ford and the beginnings it is live them to discuss. Ice has been broken. That - that, and relieving the tension, van the Myrtle simply wizard - the witness of this meeting told. Such compliment is especially indicative, as, we will remind, its representative of the European branch of Ford has made, speaking about not to quite successful meeting of the chief with the commissioner van the Myrtle. Period of validity of privileges as a result has been prolonged, but not for 10 years as that was demanded by representatives of an automobile lobby, and all on 7, and character of privileges has been rigidly reconsidered (not towards their expansion).
the Described scene as well as possible characterises one of qualities van the Myrtle which, according to many, and has allowed it to occupy one of the highest and, undoubtedly, most influential post in Europe, - active desire to speak easy even with opponents. Many, however, cannot understand till now, how the convinced socialist whom was and remains the Karelian van the Myrtle, has suddenly become interested in questions of a fair competition.

the Children`s memoirs which have become by principles
the Karelian van the Myrtle was born on January, 17th, 1942 in small Flemish small town Ud - Turnhut, near to border with Holland. Its first children`s memoirs are connected with war: Hundreds the bombers which were flying by on the East - to Germany . And receding German soldiers. Once, at the very end of war, some soldiers have entered the house by violence families van the Myrtle. It seemed to the small Karelian that now him will kill - on it have directed at once three automatic machines. Have not killed, have only stolen horses. Till now this picture is live in its memory.
it is live in memory and other picture: the history lesson, the teacher on a board draws a card of premilitary Europe. And then starts to spend new lines, showing, as war changed borders. Words of the teacher were remembered van to the Myrtle for ever: Each time when borders changed, people " died;. Ever since, confirms van the Myrtle, he hates borders.
the Senior from nine children, he the only thing from a family has entered the university, where studied the law and diplomacy. Having received in the end of 60 - h the diploma, has spent next ten years, working alternately that at scientific institutes, in the device of the European commission.

a socialist
In the middle of 70 - h years van the Myrtle has seriously politicised and has quickly promoted in socialist party numbers. In 1978 it became the chairman of a Flemish wing sotspartii and held this post within 10 years. According to political scientists decade was the Golden Age Flemish socialists, and most van it was possible to the Myrtle to modernise party, having made its popular and out of a circle dark blue collars .
However, not all estimated successes van the Myrtle on a post of the chairman sotspartii so unequivocally. In the course of modernisation, confirm many, the party has lost the individuality. Van the Myrtle, is told, for example, in memoirs of one of long-term employees of the device of party Marijke van to Hemeldonk, together with the civil wife Karloj Hull it is literally have packed a staff - apartment of party the klevretami which they selected for a principle of personal fidelity, instead of political or any other important abilities for party.
in 1989 the Karelian van the Myrtle has for ever said goodbye to the Belgian policy and has passed in EU device. In January, 1993 he has headed the antimonopoly commission of EU, having replaced with this post of the sir of Leon Brittena, the former member of the cabinet Margaret Thatcher.

the principles which have become by the law for Europe
According to everything, goodness knows and who watches its activity in a role of the main keeper antitrestovskih laws of Europe, the commissioner van the Myrtle without fluctuating uses these laws in interests of the belief in Europe without borders. As before used in interests of belief the activity on the academic chair and at party offices.
the brightest and fresh from examples - the enormous changes occurring now in the European market of telecommunications, supervised in the majority of the countries the state supermonopolists.
a monopolism inner sanctum, the telecommunication market has drawn to itself attention van of the Myrtle from the first hour of its stay per posts of the antimonopoly commissioner of EU having the broadest powers. van the Myrtle has forced the colleagues to create on EU device legislative conditions for opening at least some segments of the market, it pursued the governments of the European countries, achieving that they concerned private operators of the market - to the cellular communication companies - at least not worse, than to the state or semistate monopolies. He aspired to accelerate process of privatisation many of these monopolies. Its main achievement, experts confirm, there were conditions on which the German telecommunication empire Deutsche Telekom and its French analogue France Telecom create the panevropejskoe the joint venture - Atlas.
Two years of almost continuous negotiations van the Myrtle and its representatives with both interested parties were resolved to greater pleasure of all. It is authorised to telecommunication giants to connect some of the operations in exchange for the promise of the German and French governments to deprive both telephone companies of an exclusive right on possession of telephone lines and their service. Naturally, full liberalisation it you will not name: both companies keep monopoly for variety of the basic services. Nevertheless, many experts, the conditions which have been managed to get van by the Myrtle confirm, open road to creation of an alternative infrastructure.

Soft belief force
Negotiations van the Myrtle with a management of both companies show one more characteristic feature of its style - aspiration to achieve the object by a consensus. all its predecessors aspired to operate, using exclusively force of the powers given to it. Van the Myrtle is ready to wait longer, but to achieve the without superfluous blood - confirms one of Bruxelles apparatchikov.
However, other, not less expert people object, the success of arrangements and consists that van the Myrtle often enough reminds of the rights to all who does not want to agree with it on - good. he is not afraid to shake by a fist before noses of those who does not want it to hear - confirms in interview The Wall Street Journal Europe of Grem Uajld from the British consulting firm CIT Research.
Itself van the Myrtle also does not hide the realistic relation to roughness to the problems facing it and the commission which he heads. it is clear that if any company can eradicate a competition, it it will make. Market economy - not the world of idealists and romanticists. Here money and open-cast mines is gained. Naive here do not love - he speaks.
so sharp statements can seem almost blasphemous in a temple of Incorporated Europe where love beautiful words about unity and mutual understanding. However it is not necessary to forget that the commission van the Myrtle, among other things, also one of the most powerful in the world of the organisations on struggle against illegal cartels which spends pre-dawn searches to a staff - apartments of the largest European companies hardly probable not more often, than receptions in Bruxelles a staff - apartment. It is not necessary to forget and about unprecedented powers which are given the commission in struggle against illegal fixation of the prices, - up to control over distribution of the state grants to separate industries. That is even more important - the commission has the right to block these grants. Such rights as experts speak, are not present even at Department of justice of the USA which struggles with cartels in territory of the United States of America.

requirements without borders
In the struggle for Europe without borders van the Myrtle is basic up to the end. Here it does not have favourites. For example, now he achieves that the mobile telephone service created by state telecommunication monopoly Belgacom in its native Belgium, has paid for the licence as much, how many the Belgian state has demanded from its competitor of company Mobistar - $300 million In France van the Myrtle demands, that bank Credit Lyonnais belonging to the state before to receive state grants for payment of the debts (the French state plans to give to bank more than 45 mlrd francs), has sold a part of the bank system in Europe, equivalent 220 mlrd francs. In Greece it has turned to the present nightmare of local politicians, deriding their ridiculous explanations concerning why they yet have not closed enormous, but an unprofitable shipyard.
however and the all-powerful commission van the Myrtle has problems. The resistance movement van to the Myrtle has arisen in Germany where the increasing number of government officials and large industrialists join in campaign for deprivation of the commission of the wide rights on struggle against illegal trusts and cartels. The occasion is chosen unexpected, but with it it is not easy to argue. According to lawyers, commission activity van the Myrtle is unduly politized. The matter is that the commission, actually, consists of the large politicians appointed the national governments. The decision of the largest affairs on charge in infringement of rules of a fair competition and antitrestovskogo legislations is an exclusive prerogative of these politicians. And they have the right to make the decision contradicting conclusions of a preliminary legal investigation. According to the German officials and industrialists, it opens possibilities for any manipulations in political ends.

the law and the policy
Has headed struggle against the commission van the Myrtle its German national analogue - Federal kartelnoe management (Bundeskartellamt). According to its head Ditera Volf, the decision should be accepted by independent and not political body of EU which would operate, following the law literally, instead of being guided by political interests. Volf already managed to convince own government to act with the similar offer at forthcoming intergovernmental conference of EU.
the temptation to interfere with similar affairs for politicians is rather great. As a result the decision which only under the form corresponds to a law letter " is made; - mister Volf confirms. About the same tell also others, believing that activity and commission decisions are based not on the facts received as a result of investigation and the analysis of the market, and is faster on political arguments: how much this or that transaction corresponds to interests of European Single Market. Any agreement flavoured with politically correct phrases, evident, with a guarantee will be stamped by the commission without detailed discussion. know, it reminds cafe for motorists. If you are capable to choose correctly a word pass without problems, and on departure also the cook - kolu receive free of charge - the employee of one of specialised lawyer firms declares in interview The Wall Street Journal Europe of Gerritt Shoe. Thus actually abilities of employees of the commission nobody challenges. if Service decisions on control over merges became decisions of all commission, at us would be less bases for anxiety - the chief German antikartelnogo body speaks.
and the bases such it is really a lot of. Experts remember rather remarkable history which has happened in the beginning of last year. Service on control over commission merges van the Myrtle, investigating plans of association of some branches of three European companies - German Mannesmann AG, French Valourec SA and Italian Ilva SpA, have come to a conclusion that as a result of the transaction the all-European antimonopoly law will be broken. However after enough active pressing from the governments of three countries their representatives in the commission have voted against the offer to block the transaction. Merge has come true.
however while the commissioner van to the Myrtle is not threatened with loss of powers. Judging by moods in the European capitals, Paris and Madrid are ready to support Volf`s offer only. And that plans of chief Bundeskartellamt have turned to the European Union decision, the consent of all countries entering into it is necessary.

the past and the future
Much more serious can become the party past the commissioner who has appeared directly it is connected with the scandal which has already led to resignation of the secretary general of NATO Villi Klasa.
In February of this year the office and the house van the Myrtle have been subjected a search. Employees of the Belgian police searched for material evidences of that the commissioner knew about payoff of outstanding figures of the Belgian government and socialist party. According to the investigation, to receive in 1988 the contract on delivery of helicopters of the Belgian army, estimated in 8 mlrd the Belgian francs, the Italian company has translated into confidential party accounts more than 50 million francs. As a result of scandal many of heads sotspartii have for ever left a policy, and some and with freedom.
Van the Myrtle, those years the leader of a Flemish wing of the party, flatly denies any communication with scandal. Indirectly its words are confirmed also with a consequence which did not begin to cause the commissioner for official evidence under the oath. However it is known that its girlfriend to Charles Halle on such interrogations caused and demanded the detailed story about its role in a financial policy of the party.
the commissioner van the Myrtle which flatly refuses to discuss scandal in not numerous interviews, apparently, not especially worries on possible consequences. He asserts what to come back in the Belgian policy does not intend and is going to depart from affairs in 1999 when expires its term komissarskogo the mandate definitively. to me will be almost 58. I think that then I can be engaged in the garden .

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