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Even a pistol shot will not frighten the Argentinean

times Dangerous now. It is necessary to care of own safety constantly. For this reason some shepherd`s, hunting or fighting dogs should be transformed into security guards and watchmen. Certainly, true hunters, for example, fleet, you will not force to protect the owner, and here more universal, for example, quite it is possible to train sheep-dogs in this art. But today`s conversation not about these breeds. We will tell about mastiffs who with success draw security duty and which it is possible to teach to protect anything you like - apartment, the car, suitcases, children, adult.

the Argentina mastiff - most elegant of this group. And the most nimble. In the homeland of these dogs name white death angels . White it is clear why. And death angels - Because to the ill-wisher or an aggressor which will encounter resistance of dog correctly trained for protection, it is necessary to ask from destiny of easy death only. And even it he, probably, will not have time to make - the angered mastiff is fast on punishment.
in the house such dog will be very quiet, but will not stop thinking about safety of owners. Unlike many mastiffs calmness - it always on the alert is absolutely alien to the Argentinean. If in the street your child has far escaped, the mastiff will necessarily notify you on it.
the Argentina mastiff occurs from white kordobskogo a mastiff imported into the South America by Christopher Columbus. To settlers of that time the big dogs who could cope with a different hard work, from hunting for large wild animals before protection of settlements, were simply necessary. For deducing of more universal dogs in the XX-th century beginning the Argentina doctor and cynologist Antonio Martinez has decided to improve breed and to make its more universal. At formation of modern breed German mastiffs, boxers and bull terriers have been used. All these dogs have given the power, mind, force - as a result there were Argentina mastiffs. The modern dog of such breed represents an imposing snow-white handsome man with whom it is possible to go easy both on dark lanes, and on wild wood tracks.
in 1964 breed has completely settled, and in FCI its standard has been developed and accepted. But only in the end of 70 - h about white mastiffs Europe has learnt - they were estimated by police Holland and Germany. They prefer to work with Argentineans as as they confirm, only these dogs at all are not afraid of shots and possess absolute a scent.
the Argentina mastiffs tall enough (60 - 65 sm in holke), besides weighty enough - to 55 kg. A dog bony, powerful, thickset, but harmonous enough. A head big, with powerful jaws and small eyes. Ears stop, and a tail leave.
many, choosing a dog, are interested, whether well it transfers a cold: in our country it is important. And so, if the Argentina mastiff during winter walk is in movement, it never will freeze. Even if it should bathe in 15 - gradusnyj a frost, he hardly probable will be ill. One mastiff after such morzhevanija has come home absolutely dry. It it is simple all road from an ice-hole has run for the owner going on a bicycle.
as a skin at this dog white, and the constitution not crude it is not threatened practically with heatstrokes. Argentineans in a condition to contend in speed of run even with super - sprinters - a jaguar and a cheetah.

the Additional information can be received in the Moscow club the Argentina mastiff bodies. (095 327 - 51 - 01.

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