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Column Misfortunes

the Press - the service of the Ministry of the Russian Federation on emergency situations has informed on hurricane in Horolsky area of Primorski Territory. 16 settlements with the population of 44 thousand persons have suffered. It is destroyed six agricultural objects. 150 metres of the heating main, four kilometres of the electric mains, six transformer substations, kilometre of communication lines are put out of action. The material damage is estimated in 10 mlrd 500 million roubles.
as has informed a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, at a fire in a two-room apartment house in village Poretsky the Chuvash republic three children were lost. Investigation is made.
the tanker Si Empris under liberijskim a flag with the Russian crew onboard villages yesterday on a bank at jugo - the western coast of the Wales, near to port Milford - Hejven, has reported Reuter. The tanker Si Empris transported in Milford - Hejven about 130 thousand Tons of crude oil for company Texaco. According to experts, at an input in harbour on a vessel the steering has refused. As a result of failure in the sea has flowed out more than 6 thousand tons of oil. Anybody from 29 Russian seamen making crew of a vessel, has not suffered. The British emergency sea services have stopped fuel leak; the formed oil spillage occupies more than eight kilometres at length. In all region jugo - the western Wales it is declared ecological alarm .
Agency Reuter has informed on powerful explosion in the warehouse of ammunition close to a presidential palace in Kabul. According to preliminary data, 60 persons were lost nearby, about 70 soldiers have got wounds - all of them at the moment of explosion were engaged in unloading of new party of ammunition. Under the version of experts, at first there was an ignition in the faulty heating device then fire has reached armoury, and explosion has followed. Premises in the western wing of a palace, and also some the buildings next to it are damaged. After the basic explosion in a warehouse building a series of small explosions proceeded. Palace protection has resorted to extreme measures - they shot at air to keep crowd and reporters on distance from a dangerous site. Probably that the number of victims among the population more than became known, as usually relatives of victims simply carry away their bodies and bury, without informing on it to the authorities.
as Vadi Abu Dzhmejl, in the centre of Beirut has reported Reuter, in a quarter, seven persons were lost under fragments of the failed building. Accident has occurred, when the Syrian workers of subcontractor of the largest Lebanese private company Solider conducting a recovery work in the centre of Beirut, have started dismantling of the next building. The family of the Lebanese refugees, despite numerous requirements to leave the house intended to a pulling down, has refused to make it for the lack of other dwelling. Soon after the beginning of works on dismantling the four-storeyed house has failed. Except a family of refugees (three adults and two children), two workers were lost. Seven victims have been taken to hospital. From - under fragments of the disorganised building have been dug out the live one adult and two-month child. Believe that in ruins there are still people. There is begun an investigation.
according to agency Reuter, salvage operations in a tunnel of Tojohama in northern part of Japan in 50 km from Sapporo where last Saturday there was a collapse proceed. Under a blockage there are nearby 20 persons, among them three small children. According to rescuers, hopes to find their live it is not enough.
12 more person became victims of extensive flooding in the republic of South Africa, reports Reuter. Total number of victims, thus, almost has reached 50. Some tens persons are considered as missing persons. Helicopters of the Air Forces evacuated nearby 60 persons who have remained on tiny islets of a land, surrounded from different directions arriving water. Under the forecast of the weather forecasters, the heavy rains which became the reason of flooding, already behind.