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The exhibition in Washington

Great French revolution and Napoleonic wars has opened as scenery salonnoj lives
In National gallery of arts of Washington (National Gallery of Art, Washington) the exhibition " has opened; Art of Lui - Leopold Buali: modern life of Napoleonic France (The Art of Louis - Leopold Boilly: modern life in Napoleonic France). On it it is presented forty four pictures of this master, since the first small works intended for fans of painting of happy prerevolutionary years, before its products of the twentieth years of the last century created already during a new epoch, forgotten and about the grace reigning at an ancient regime, and about horrors of revolution, and about Napoleon`s greatness. Despite the exhibition name in which importance of Napoleonic time is underlined, creativity of Buali - reflexion of all most sated period of the French history which in many respects has defined a course stories world.

Lui - Leopold Buali does not concern known artists though already for a long time its pictures cause a little ironic admiration of experts and fans of the French gallant painting. Nevertheless its one work since an early youth is known almost to all who was trained at the Soviet schools. It is completely not ambiguous love scene of that were pleasant to Konstantin Somovu, and the image of the representative of the revolutionary people with a three-coloured banner and in a Gallic cap with a three-coloured cockarde. In modern history textbooks this picture from a museum the Carnival was reproduced with the short signature Sankjulot though it also has much longer name: the Standard-bearer of the Civil Holiday, or Singer Shenar dressed sankjulotom on the Holiday of Freedom of a province Savoy .
Sans - culotte, that is besshtannikami, the revolutionary active workers going at all without trousers, and on the contrary, in long demotic trousers unlike the noblemen carrying short to knees panatlony, " were called; kjuloty and silk stockings. When Buali has arrived for the first time to Paris in 1785, it specialised on the writing of very small genre sketches with images of the deceived jealous lovers, receptions and departures of the love notes, the first and last kisses and other charming plots, sometimes the frivolous. Anyway heroes of the artist, certainly, have been dressed in appropriate in a good society kjuloty. Pictures of Buali, graceful and accurate, have been written carefully out and imitated a manner of the Dutch masters of the XVII-th century which was in the big fashion at Parisian collectors of that time. These sketches are perceived today as an illustration to the novel of Shaderlo de by Laklo Dangerous liaisons Only unlike ingenious writer Buali perfectly transfers one doll world of salons where gentleman Danseni and young Sesil de Volanzh exchange letters, without trying to represent at all great characters of the marchioness de Mertej, this doll world of the managing director, or the president de Turvel, from this world of the escaping.
charm of cosy salons of time of Maria Antoinette, forced by furniture of the elegant style most, maybe, from all thought up by Europe, is transferred by a brush of Buali more aloud, than even Fragonard, whose too individual manner prevented to be pure bytopisatelem what became Buali. Rationally - the abstract, cold and scrupulous painting of Buali is better approaches for transfer to a subtlety of the thought over ritual of a seducing and sovrashcheny, described in the same Dangerous liaisons . In effect, this ritual was too rational for the present hedonism, and in painting of Buali, as well as in the novel de Laklo, erotic gallantry of rococo smoothly flows in dryish intellectuality of neoclassicism which, whether revelling past, whether foreseeing the future, idolised ruins.
the revolutionary government, however, has appeared insensible Buali to prophetical inspirations and has put forward to it, as well as the marquis de to the Garden, charge in damage of customs and a pornography. Buali the marquis too betrayed to the ideas has got out of this situation with ready smaller troubles, than. For Buali of idea were always much less important, than tastes, and it has quickly adapted to new taste, having written a picture Triumph of Marata . With the same ease from what it represented charming adventures of gallant ladies and gentlemen, he began to write scenes from life of the people and its heroes.
Various changes of revolutionary moods - from jakobinskoj dictatorships to konsulata - have passed for Buali absolutely imperceptibly, and the artist has smoothly joined an empire epoch, becoming bytopisatelem napoleonovsih customs. At this time it kept on periphery, without knowing loud successes and the glory, fallen to David`s lot, but after Napoleon`s falling it has not felt any changes and was accepted to chronicles of customs of an epoch of Restoration. During it concerning safe travel on a storming stream of history the manner of Buali has not changed. It all time remained the artist careful and cold, with identical temperament and with identical result fixing anger of the deceived lover, revolutionary demonstration and a seeing-off of the young father of family on far Russian front.
usually Buali liked to treat as an ideal example of the artist - a chameleon adapting to any historical conditions and circumstances. In those days, rather from us near when art truth and ingenious sincerity was above all appreciated, experience of Buali was unequivocally treated as negative. As its antipode David acted, passionately rushed to vote for death of that king which the first has bought one of its pictures, then so passionately sung of Napoleon both its triumphs and terminated the life the exile in Bruxelles - Restoration could not forgive it Louis XVI death.
in fatal events of the end XVIII - the beginnings of a XIX-th century of Buali occupied not that what a place of the detached onlooker. But his life can be compared to life of any secular salon of the second grade, for example, near madam de Volanzh from the same Dangerous liaisons . Over what without reflecting, it is disseminated accepting society game rules, this family with the monarchy end has lost only a particle de .
From apart porukopleskav Maratu, such madam de Volanzh could receive then dandies of an epoch of the Directory, nicknamed Les Incroyables ( improbable ) - The ringlets and huge earrings improbable could be compared with present rokerami. Then the same madam de Volanzh died of happiness, seeing off on war dragoon regiments of the small corporal, and with the same zamiraniem hearts its salon looked at Cossacks in Paris as on world bulletins, and shed tears, welcoming Burbons who have come back from exile. For salon of madam de Volanzh of global changes did not exist, there were only changes of scenery, at times, truth, expressive.
precisely same happens and with Buali which painting has informed to us fluctuation of taste and a fashion with bribing frankness. David`s great cloths can give rise to different emotions, but less all - sympathy. On the contrary, the modest works of Buali which have been not burdened modern, especially, by the latest historical experience, now, as well as two hundred years ago, cause sympathy on which have been calculated. The big exhibition in Washington National Gallery says that today it has appeared, perhaps, even more interesting, than creativity of the executioner of the king and singer Napoleon.