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Exhibition preparation on real estate

it began offered to Participants of the market to raise twice the exhibition culture

Participation of the Russian realtor companies in the international exhibitions on real estate recently the normal phenomenon - nobody is surprised to occurrence of the Russian realtors and developers in Kanne, Prague, Geneva, Munich. The trip abroad as an exhibitor manages nedeshevo, and only few companies which ready for payment of exhibition advertising and have passed professional selection, have the right to represent Russia at the international forums. However participation in exhibitions abroad yet very much justifies hopes of the Russian exhibitors. Therefore it is not surprising that the idea of carrying out of such exhibition in the Russian territory, in Moscow has ripened. The real estate theme will be presented in the near future at two exhibitions - Realtex and Mosbuild/ Batimat - 96 which will pass with a difference in one month in Expocentre. Apparently, from - for works in the conditions of a competition at organizers of exhibitions have arisen to serious difficulties.

the Russian exhibitor has not ripened for exhibitions
In exhibition business, besides art to convince the client and high art taste, the important role is played by a choice of subjects of an exposition. The exhibition is some kind of the indicator, and frequently and a market stimulator as the attention of all interested persons draws to itself and reflects a condition and the basic tendencies of its development. And the theme frequently defines success or failure of an exposition. The real estate theme cannot compete today, say, with computer yet or tourist. However more or less generated relations in the domestic market of real estate, and the international practice allow to speak about necessity of creation for Russia national international exhibition on real estate. And conference opening in a week on these subjects, organizuemaja Adam Smith`s Institute becomes a prelude to such exhibition. The first persons of departments, representatives of the Russian and foreign companies, financiers, experts in marketing will take part in conference.
at once there is a question: what to the today`s realtor companies to expose? The majority of figurants of the Moscow market of real estate is engaged in intermediary activity. And the exhibition in a greater degree makes sense for developers and builders who can present the ideas and projects on a general review.
as a whole the international exhibition on real estate in Moscow, certainly, is necessary and important. Understand it and figurants of the Moscow market of real estate, and experts in the field of the organisation of exhibitions.

all want to be the first
Now carrying out of a specialised exhibition on real estate Realtex and exhibitions Mosbuild/ Batimat - 96 in which there is a section " prepares; Real estate .

Organizers of exhibition Realtex are the companies LVN Holding Russian - the European insurance Society, ekspokonsta (structural division of joint-stock company Expocentre ) And the Austrian company MSI specialising on a complete set of the international exhibitions. Besides, the number souchreditelej Realtex included committees and departments of the Moscow government, and also the Moscow association of investors. Realtex will pass from March, 4 till March, 7th in expocentre on Red Presne. The organizer of the second international exhibition in Moscow Mosbuild/ Batimat - 96 - English exhibition company ITE which regularly holds in Moscow the international exhibitions on various subjects. Section Real estate it is included in an exposition for the first time. The exhibition is spent from April, 10 till April, 13th in expocentre on Red Presne.

Besides that initiators and the basic organizers Realtex are the Russian companies, the idea of its carrying out represents attempt to create purely Russian exhibition with participation of a great number of the Russian companies attraction of foreign investments would be which overall objective. The exhibition includes all themes anyhow connected with celebrating 850 - letija Moscow: building, reconstruction, insurance of foreign investments, representation of leaders state and commercial structures.
exhibition Mosbuild/ Batimat - 96 has been declared one year ago and included real estate small section in the form of representation of the companies on leasing, sale, real estate purchase, legal consultations. Until recently its organizers did not stake on real estate, actively advertising variations with materials and the equipment on a building theme.
after occurrence in October of last year of the demand for carrying out of exhibition Realtex ITE began to give more attention to section Real estate in the advertising campaigns. There was even a name 1 - I the Moscow international exhibition Real estate - 96 that contradicts the exhibition plan of Expocentre. As acknowledgement it is served by the joint-stock company missive Expocentre that such exhibition in the planned schedule does not appear.
as a difference in terms of carrying out of two exhibitions of all month, and potential clients of both exhibitions are in general the same companies, today many future participants are in a difficult situation and cannot accept the final decision where it to be exposed. As a result both exhibition actions can simply lose the exhibitors.
in connection with this problem experts ITE have declared that do not see anything inadequate in the actions and do not consider that the advertising campaign of exhibition Mosbuild/ Batimat - 96 has changed eventually (actually it, of course, not so). As to joint-stock company Expocentre the largest Russian organizer of the international and foreign exhibitions it does not hasten to dramatize a situation, considering that anyway will win the strongest.

What exhibition is better?
it is unconditional, both exhibitions have advantages. Mosbuild/ Batimat - 96 is already traditional international exhibition of building technologies and perspective building materials, its organizer - the company which has proved in the Russian market. Therefore it is not surprising that ITE confidently enough feels in the circumstances. Besides, experts ITE consider that the exhibition on real estate will be to look only in close interrelation with an exposition in sphere of building which will be presented on Mosbuild/ Batimat - 96.
Doubtless advantage Realtex is its Russian orientation - attraction on the Russian market as it is possible bolshego numbers of the Russian companies and investments. Besides, obvious plus - presence such souchreditelja, as Association of investors which will be prokatyvat At this exhibition the Cannes stand (the next International exhibition on real estate in Kanne in the spring will take place).
Most likely this casually arisen dispute for an exhibition theme Real estate will end with carrying out and that and other exhibition. However, probably, each of organizers has also long-term plans. The question who will conduct this theme next year and further is interesting. To answer it it will be possible only after summarising of both exhibitions.