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Impressing rate of auctions Drouot: from lento to allegro

After a January pause firm Drouot was included into a stable auction rhythm. As if taking a revenge for a vacation time - a miss, the auctions began to pass with enviable frequency. Auctions have passed 9, on February, 12th and 16. The following is planned on 23 and 25.

on February, 9th the commissioner - appraiser Jacque Tajan has exposed the ancient European and Arabian manuscripts belonging three hundred years ago Abrahamu Zhiraru, the monk of an award of Jesuits on sale. Into library of the bibliophile - the clerical entered (probably, for office needs) rare books on vedovstvu, alchemy, an astrology and an occultism. In three days at Drouot fans of historical geography have gathered - that day Renault metre has exposed on sale of 250 ancient cards (both real, and composed in offices). The prices fluctuated from 500 to 5 thousand francs. On February, 16th Tajan has drawn attention of collectors of Far East art by meeting of the Chinese varnish caskets XVII - XIX centuries and Japanese netske.
By the end of month rate of auctions Drouot will pass in allegro molto. The marathon will open on February, 23rd sale of letters and autographs of the well-known writers XIX and XX centuries - Baudelaire, Zolja, Verlaine, Sandrara and Suaresa, with prisovokupleniem the same Baudelaire, Arto`s author`s drawings and Man the Yard. On February, 25th commissioners - appraisers of Gi and Phillip Ludmer will expose on the auctions of 200 pictures, water colours and drawings of 20 masters of the Parisian school: from Paskena and Djufi to Max Ernest and Brazile. The small pause till March, 19th only will raise interest at buyers as metres of Riene and Bailey - Pommerej prepare for the auctions a top - a season collection - 22 pictures and sculptures of impressionists and postimpressionists, there is no time belonging Anri Potezu - to the outstanding aircraft designer. However very few people suspected that this engineer can become history of collecting. During the period between two world wars it has collected a high-quality collection of painting: from Pissarro and Gauguin to Majolja and Fuzhita. Its general preliminary cost is estimated in 25 million francs. The top - the auction prize which collection while is shown in New York and Zurich, becomes a picture of Kamilja Pissarro of 1880 On a decline. The sitting peasant . This variant of the work stored in National gallery in Washington, should, under forecasts of experts Drouot, bring at least 5 million francs. Paul Gauguin`s picture of 1888 " is so highly estimated also; the Dog races (its cost fluctuates between 4,5 and 5,5 million). Eternally pleasant and fashionable Marc Chagall is estimated adequately, but is modest - Lilies and cornflowers 1923 it is presumably reached 3 - 3,5 million francs. Painting of impressionist Alfreda Sisley is calculated on the refined fan who should pay for the Landscape in vicinities of Sablona 1883 at least 2 million francs. But Ogjusta Renoir`s admirers can rejoice: 700 - 900 thousand francs for charming the Girl in a white hat - more than the sparing price, considering that the pastel of the diligent American schoolgirl of Parisians of Mary Kessett is estimated in 2,5 - 3,5 million francs. Probably, it is made counting on the American buyers.