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Ambassadorial week

Frenchmen have again confirmed everything that we know about their temperament

the Last week in diplomatic and cultural life of Moscow was (in which time!) Hardly probable not all is entirely devoted a theme of France in its diversified displays - from classical music and a cinema to culture of the well-known French cheeses. It is pleasant to notice that the embassy of this, so precious to Russian heart, the countries keeps doubtless superiority among all other foreign missions as regards the cultural activity. And it despite the complaints which have become frequent recently to reduction of budgetary funds to different needs. So it is similar, Russian saying In a good economy and the nail is useful being translated into French, does not lose the urgency.

And still we will begin with a theme, directly concerning our domestic tradition, - Boris Pasternak`s marked on February, 10th in it peredelkinskom a house museum birthday. As it is known, this house, without being still a museum, was a place of semilegal pilgrimage of numerous admirers of the poet. Among them, besides our compatriots, there were many western Slavists, journalists, and also the diplomats which participation in this sort of unapproved actions was regarded as dissident gesture or at all artful political provocation. On sow time, in day when to Pasternak it would be executed hundred six years and political passions round his name for a long time have finished raging, to it visitors have absolutely legally come to the house again and already - ambassadors of Austria and Croatia of Valtr Zigl and Niko Bezmalinovich with spouses, and also the attache on culture of Sweden g - n Juhan Eberg which have taken with self the wife and the son. The company it, besides the mistress, the director of a museum and the daughter-in-law of the poet Natalia Pasternak, Andrey Voznesensky has made, the nearest the neighbour and the accomplice of all pasternakovskih inventions and a sit-round gathering, and its colleague - poets Henry Sapgir and Igor Holin.
As to g - on Pierre Morelja, chapters of the French mission in Moscow and the constant hero hardly probable not all basic cultural undertakings to Peredelkino to reach to it it was not possible. But he has had time to visit on some other actions and, in particular, in the EXPO - the Center at an exhibition of cheeses and the dairy products of France presented by the largest French firm SOPEKSA . Exhibition Opening ceremony was anticipated a press - conference on which the director of department of firm for the countries Central and the Eastern Europe g - n Christian to Preval and the head cook g - n Patrick Pazhes have told to visitors which - that about secrets and secrets of this sacral for any Frenchman of culinary area. As to the banquet which has finished ceremony on which present it was possible to taste many marvellous creations of firms - manufacturers It is white Bene and Bongen That the hedonism impulse has united here all - from the trading adviser of embassy of France g - on Jean - Lui Bjuera and the general director SOPEKSA g - on Jean Muliasa to their numerous Russian partners.
the following exit g - on Morelja in the Moscow light has been connected with event not material, but especially spiritual. We mean the two-hundredth anniversary of the Parisian conservatory to which evening in the Big hall of conservatory Moscow has been devoted one of these days. G - n the ambassador has arrived here with the spouse and the adviser for a science and technics g - nom Rolanom Blatmanom. Probably that all of them, as well as other visitors, have spent magnificent evening. Debussy`s products, Messiana and Berlioz sounded here performed by Evgenie Svetlanova`s orchestra, behind the panel there was a professor of the Parisian conservatory Jean - Sebastjan Bero. And though the maestro has met this musical collective for the first time, only four days prior to the performance, favourable public has regarded result as rather impressing.
the same evening in a cinema Museum one more action which has passed at the most direct participation of embassy of France (in this case it represented to the attache on Nicolas Mazek`s cinema) has taken place. It was the presentation of the book of Andre Bazena Jean Renoir left in Russian with support of the French cultural centre which, as it is known, always willingly supported all Russian - the French undertakings in the field of a cinema.
however which for whom day has not been settled also by this presentation as then, but a bit later, the private party in the house of the attache on audiovisual means all the same embassy of France Elfridy Filippi has taken place. Dated for arrival of an observer of the newspaper Mond Anik Kozhan which have appeared in Moscow to write about TV program Dolls and also to try Russian of a stuffed cabbage in the house of the friend g - zhi Filippi. On a party among other fans excellent Burgundian and pastes there was the director of College of the French journalism at the Moscow State University Eric Alk and the staff reporter Radio - France Anni Dobanton. Table-talks, besides Dolls and in general to an unknown liberty for Russian in treatment of the political leaders, concerned ill-starred problems of the ambassadorial budget. However, as shows experiment of the past week, it has not affected yet activity of the French diplomats - their irrepressible creative heat will quite be co-ordinated by that is known to us about the Parisian temperament.