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Russians in many respects the first, and Australians - is more courageous

Women in sex - research on this theme was spent own forces by magazine Cosmopolitan published in 29 countries. Certainly, the magazine interrogated in the basic readers. But nevertheless...

It has appeared that Russian women on the average more than any else, are inclined to regular, namely daily intimate life. They in general, following the results of poll, in many respects are in the lead: Russians in a greater degree, it is found out, are inclined to unisex love, they more than others are fond of everyones sexual toys . They is more often than others shared such grief: they less often than others should use concerning sex such term, as fantastic (it is visible, difficulties of transition of men to market economy) affect. And here Czeches - it is necessary those. Czeches from sex, by their recognition, receive the greatest pleasure. Behind them closely there are Americans, Italians and Frenchwomen. And, contrary to widespread narrow-minded representation, Frenchwomen - the most true in the world of the woman: already 87 % of married Frenchwomen have declared that are loyal to the husband. They as regards fidelity advance even Americans famous for Puritanism, and also zhitelny Taiwan (they on an honourable third place). Japanese, speak, too differ fidelity, but after all they and enter intimate relations, as a rule, time three in a month, and even is more rare. Those Latin Americans, on the contrary, women passionate, but everyone 4 of 5 of them declare that incorrectness is inexcusable - an average index in the world - modest 55 % depressing for men. To vanity of men can flatter unless such fact: hardly there is less than half of lonely women have no anything against intimate communication with married men.
By the way, about levity. Germans and Australians in this respect compete. Germans, for example, having on the average in life on 11 parnerov (an average index in the world - 10), are more inclined to have sex only for the sake of sex . The Direct opposite to Germans - Portugueses. And here Australians (is more exact, 13 their % - the greatest a proportion for all countries) are ready to enter intimate communication during the first appointment.