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Round the Iraq oil

Turn behind oil which while is cheaper some water

Needs must when the devil drives. After a number of diplomatic steps secret and carefully masked by Iraq in search of contact to the United Nations Saddam Hussein, having restrained arrogance, has already officially blest the representative on renewal of negotiations on the formula oil for the foodstuffs . Propaganda maintenance of the negotiations perceived in the world as an obvious concession of staunch Saddam, on - former at height: the Iraq diplomats continue to declare publicly real steps undertaken by them to full cancellation of sanctions. But it is a question while only of realisation of the U.N. resolution #986, allowing Bagdad to sell the limited volumes of oil in exchange for the foodstuffs for ogolodavshej the countries in which gasoline meanwhile costs already more cheaply water. While politicians argue, the business world, having scented extraction, tests unprecedented hitherto trembling.

As both parties participating in negotiations have declared yesterday, discussions will proceed to the victorious end. Messengers of Bagdad count on positive issue of a suit next week. The representative of the USA in Madeleine Olbrajt`s United Nations it is adjusted sceptically, underlining necessity carefully to weigh real intentions of Iraq to execute all positions of the resolution. At first the head of Iraq delegation Abdul Amir is scarlet - Anbari (representing Saddam`s interests in the United Nations even during war in the Gulf) and really has not been allocated by powers to discuss something, except purchases of the foodstuffs and medicines, and only on Wednesday, on sources from the United Nations, vitse - prime minister Tarik Azis has given to the diplomat green light on discussion under all text of the resolution. And the matter is that in this document the positions extremely unpleasant for Bagdad, the main thing from which - control of the United Nations over distribution of the means obtained from petroexport contain. It is offered to direct their part to Kurds of Northern Iraq, a part - to fund of the suffered Kuwait. In a word, advantage to a ruling mode to save up at such pressing difficult. But the alternative is not present, and Bagdad forcedly concedes to Kurds: one of these days the government of Iraq has made the decision on renewal of deliveries of the electric power in northern areas of the country with the Kurdish population which has been disconnected for rebelliousness from power supply some years ago.
but diplomacy by diplomacy, and business by business. Having scented prospect of gradual cancellation of sanctions concerning Iraq, Arabian and western firmachi show miracles of enterprise quickness. For the main thing - not to be late and not to appear now the last in turn on the Iraq contracts. Already wrote about the representative delegation which have visited the country from France which on the instructions of the government has carried on negotiations with the Baghdad management for prospects of economic cooperation. One of these days Bagdad was visited by delegation of businessmen from Italy which was accepted by ministers of trade, the industry and public health services of Iraq. According to the Iraq press, building possibilities in Iraq of objects in such spheres, as electric power industry, the food, pharmaceutical and textile industry were discussed.
have visited Bagdad and Russians. The Russian academy of oil and gas of Gubkin, the Ministry of oil and the Ministry of higher education of Iraq have signed last week the agreement on preparation of experts in oil and gas area. The agreement assumes training of the Iraq oil industry workers in Russia (at top skills level, with candidate`s degree assignment) and work of the Russian teachers in Iraq. The parties, truth, diligently focus attention that supposedly departments have signed it, and not Iraq with Russia . And in Moscow one of these days has finished work Russian - the Iraq working group of oil and gas sector within the limits of the intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation. The delegation led by the first deputy minister of industry Kvahtanom Al - Anbaki was accepted by Yury Shafranik and has had a talk with visitors about participation of the Russian companies in projects of development of oil deposits in Iraq. Certainly, after removal of embargo of the United Nations. The Iraq press into this account marked one detail: preferences are promised to Russians. And still: according to Iraki News Agency, the deputy minister of oil of Iraq Faez Shahin and anonymous Russian official delegation have signed a certain agreement - about restoration of petroleum industry of Iraq and increase in its annual oil extracting to 60,8 million tons a year (1 million barrels a day). But Zarubezhneft - the official operator of all Russian oil projects in Iraq - from participation in the transaction otkreshchivaetsja. But according to Agency of the oil information (ANI), negotiations about development of the second turn of the largest Iraq deposit Western Kurna can be renewed. Zarubezhneft and Mashinoimport have in this project on 15 % of individual share, LUKOIL - 70 %. By different estimations, project cost - $2 - 7 billion But all it, certainly, only after embargo cancellation. And exploratory talk - not earlier than March .