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Departmental war

Offends the Ministry of Finance now everyone can

After the president has proved Anatoly Chubays`s resignation by indulgence former the first vitse - a premiere to nonpayments of the salary to state employees, it became not clear, why Minister of Finance Vladimir Panskov was kept in the armchair. The ritual victim - deputy minister Stanislav Korolev - has not damped an ardour storming the Ministry of Finance. In Vladimir Panskova`s destiny deputies of the State Duma are ready to be engaged. But is among claims to the Ministry of Finance and not so politically painted. The attention was involved with struggle for budgetary funds between Roskomnedrami and the Ministry of Finance: in its centre there is not flowing not so political moment, and prospects most valjutonosnogo the Russian export.

the Geologist - the brother of the sun and a wind, but the stepson of the budget
It is not known, whether the session of board Roskomnedr which have passed on February, 14th is casual, has almost coincided on time with requirements of deputies of the Duma to give out Vladimir Panskova it on punishment, or that in Roskomnedrah work though and geologo has affected - but scouts, but the moment for attack to the Ministry of Finance is chosen the most suitable. At first sight, claims originality do not differ: about 90 enterprises of sphere of geological prospecting it is stopped, their accounts for debts are blocked, the salary during 3 - is not paid 4 months. Meanwhile, as chairman Roskomnedr Victor of Eagles considers, in 1995 incomes of the federal budget at the expense of geology have exceeded expenses on 2 trln roubles. Who sharpens a knife on a hen bringing gold eggs? Certainly, the Ministry of Finance.
Obvinenija Roskomnedr are reduced mainly to two points. In - the first, contrary to the law About bowels Providing that all deductions on reproduction mineralno - a raw-material base are used only on a special-purpose designation the Ministry of Finance 2/ 3 means intended for geologo - search works, has spent in the form of clearing on debts of the federal budget to the extracting enterprises . In - the second, at formation of the budget the Ministry of Finance has twice reduced settlement size of target deductions to geological prospecting.

that something to receive from the budget, it is necessary to it to give something
we will pledge a reciprocal word to the Ministry of Finance. The ministry recognises that in 1995 the centralised deductions on reproduction mineralno - a raw-material base should make 2,9 trln roubles. Actually trillion has been received only. Matter is not in evasion from the taxes, to simply extracting enterprises - to payers the government had been gave exchequer tax clearings. As to correction factor in 0,5 To settlement size of deductions on reproduction it is material - a raw-material base then is still easier - the law is severe, but it the law.

are right all: and State Committee on Geology and Subsoil Resources, and the Ministry of Finance, and CIA
the Picture turns out gloomy. Observers of budgetary interests can be understood, but geologists in essence ask not budgetary injections at the expense of another`s money, and that and intended for them - a centralised part of deductions of the extracting enterprises on reproduction of that they actually and extract, about any pure budgetary financing of speech is not conducted (schedule 1) see. There is very characteristic paradox. Achieving the budgetary privileges, the extracting enterprises, it appears, cut a bough on which sit, reducing geological prospecting financing. As it occurs, to understand easy. On the one hand, there are the oil industry workers swinging tangible black or green gold. With another - geologists who can oppose it a certain chimera in the form of a gain of the reconnoitered stocks which at once you will not feel. As a result it turns out that since 1994 occurs pure proedanie oil resources (schedule 2 see). Thus, the most gloomy forecasts of CIA about the future in intermediate term prospect transformation of Russia into the petroimporter with all pitiable consequences for currency receipts have under themselves the conclusive bases.