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The large-scale project Kirishinefteorgsinteza

In Kirishi put a soap opera

this week on one of leaders Russian NPZ - Open Society Kirishinefteorgsintez - opening ceremony of the factory first in the country on manufacture of the basic component for synthetic washing-up liquids (SMS) has taken place. On project realisation it was required more than 6 years and $200 million According to heads of factory, this advanced and ecologically safe manufacture of the given profile in Europe.

the Decision on factory building on manufacture of active components SMS of the difficult chemical compound, in abbreviated form named the LAB - LABS, was accepted in 1989 after amazed the country soap crisis. According to the decision of Ministerial council of the USSR, creation of such manufactures was planned at the several enterprises within the limits of the all-union program, but only kirishsky the project has appeared realised.
initially it provided the estimate in $600 million and consisted of three turns. If in Kirishi such factory has been constructed, its production could provide with a component for SMS all Russian enterprises. Creation of such capacities on Kirishinefteorgsinteze looked quite real: the industrial complex has practically all raw materials necessary for manufacture (basically it is sulphur, benzene and paraffin). To finance building it was supposed at the expense of a gain from export of oil products on specially allocated quotas. However these means it has appeared insufficiently, and it has been decided to be engaged only in the first stage of factory in cost $200 million In 1994 NPZ has lost export privileges and has quickly enough spent earlier saved up means. As a result, when the factory on 80 % was ready, the debt to the contractor has made $20 million and building it was necessary to suspend. After long search of creditors it was possible to agree with ONEXIMBANK which, having studied demand for the future production of factory, has concluded with Kirishinefteorgsintezom the agreement about bezzalogovom the credit in $47 million with stage-by-stage repayment of a loan manufacture start-up. Under the informal data, by this agreement NPZ it is appreciably obliged to Vladimir Bogdanovu, the president of the company Surgutneftegaz in which enters Kirishinefteorgsintez .
New manufacture is constructed on the American technology of company UOP Chemicals Engineering - one of world leaders in the chemical industry. The licence has managed to the enterprise in $11 million Almost all process equipment has been got at the West European companies. Factory building there began the Yugoslavian firm Inex - Interexport, however later, after introduction of the United Nations of sanctions against this country, the administration has found the new contractor in the name of the Panama company Panador. The Production technology corresponds to the most rigid modern requirements of ecological safety. Capacity of new factory - 50 thousand t a product in a year. It will suffice for annual release about 600 thousand t some detergent powders. By estimations of experts of the enterprise, a factory time of recovery of outlay - four years. The administration hopes for sale of production in the CIS countries and the far abroad. In the country the basic consumers will be chemical industrial complex an era (Leningrad region) and Sovhenk (Saratov), which controlling interests belong to German company Henkel, and also Novomoskovsk industrial complex of company Procter and Gamble. By the way, c P and G Kirishinefteorgsintez Carried on negotiations for possibility of participation in factory building, however Americans have refused the offer.
as it has been informed on ceremonies, a management Kirishinefteorgsinteza is going to continue soap a theme and this year will start industrial complex building on release liquid and powder SMS. It is necessary to note, however, that will carry out such plans the next years uneasy as the joint-stock company conducts large-scale reconstruction of oil refining manufactures and is in a difficult financial position.