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The European union against UEFA

Delo Bosmana lives and the Belgian football player Jean wins

- Mark Bosman never was among the best players of the world. But today it is known by all sporting world. The matter is that in October, 1993 it has submitted to the European court in Luxembourg on the European union of football associations (UEFA). In the claim he asserted that to it has illegally been refused the right of free employment that contradicts EU laws. In the end of the last year the court recognised requirements 30 - summer Bosmana correct and has demanded from UEFA changes in rules about transitions of players. Out of any doubts, business of Bosmana is capable to turn all European football economy. This week representatives of leading European football powers have agreed about asking UEFA to petition before EU for that it had been gave a certain transition period for change of existing transfer system.

Two general corrected in the European football till now limit freedom of transitions of players from one club in another. The first - an interdiction for that as a part of one command in the field simultaneously was more than three foreign players, or legionaries as them still name. The second rule is that: clubs have the right to demand for transition of the player the transfer sum frequently estimated in millions of dollars, even when the contract of the player with club has ended, and the football player any more does not act in its structure.
these transfer sums (see the table) and make an essence of the matter of Bosmana. When term of the contract of Bosmana with the Belgian club Liege has ended, the club management has lowered to it the salary on three quarters. The football player annoyed by this fact, naturally, has decided to pass in other club, but Liege has demanded for the player from club Dunkirk which invited him, too high transfer sum. According to some experts after the European court recognised requirements of Bosmana correct, the most part of this money will get to football players, instead of clubs. Perhaps, through increase of salaries.
new rules about transitions can strike strong blow to small rather poor clubs. Many of them now are some kind of training camps on education of stars which then will take a place in a worthy frame. Financially these clubs entirely depend on the transfer sums received for the account of sale of the football players. For example, in last season some English clubs representing the second and third battalions, magazine Economist confirms, have earned much more on sales of the players in clubs of the first battalion, than have spent for new talents.
Delo Bosmana changes also a rule three foreigners . This restrictive measure has been entered UEFA to stop absolute domination in Euro cups of the rich clubs having in the numbers of more foreigners, than presume the others. For example, in Italian Milan in the beginning 90 - h was six foreign stars. Now legionaries from the EU countries will not be considered as foreigners. However it is necessary to notice that players from the countries which are not entering into the union, on - former will be foreigners, and business of Bosmana will not be reflected in their career in any way.
some football experts consider that refusal of a rule three players In practice will not render essential influence on force of football clubs. In their opinion, players - neinostrantsy will star in successes of a command, and the clubs buying players abroad, can lose support of the fans. However the numerous facts suggest otherwise. Any command winning the European cup, always has a large quantity of fans irrespective of citizenship of their idols. For example, an idol of fans of the most popular club in England Manchester United Frenchman Eric Kantona, and " is; Milan to all loud successes of last years it is obliged basically to legionaries - whether it be the Frenchman Marseilles by Desaji, Liberian George Vea or the well-known Dutch trio of the end of the eightieth - Ruud Gullit, Marko van Basten and Frank Rajkaard. They were and remain favourites of the Italian Italian football fans.
according to overwhelming majority of experts on the European football, with rule cancellation Three foreigners in the most popular in Europe and practically in all the world a sport there will be radical changes. They consider that after cancellation of this rule the difference in a class between leading and all other commands of any European country considerably will increase and that the best clubs will show ever less interest to internal competitions and more and more - to the European tournaments.
rich clubs begin to buy up players from the lowest leagues; others will start to expose the reserve commands on internal competitions. By the way, Barcelona and other large Spanish clubs have already begun similar practice. Some clubs, will probably, simply be bent, and their fans who still are proud today of the local command acting in the national championship, and regularly visiting matches of the favorite team, can observe at the best of game of absolutely other commands and is exclusive on the TV.
last month the situation with business of Bosmana developed as follows. On January, 19th the Commission of EU on social problems has demanded from UEFA in six-week term to make changes to the rules about transfers according to the decision of the European court on business of Bosmana. If UEFA will not obey to requirements of lawyers, the commission has threatened to declare its illegal association and to fine for the sum equal to 10 percent of an annual monetary turn. On January, 31st the commission in reply to statements of some clubs has confirmed the position. In the commission statement it is told that there are no chances to achieve the gentleman`s agreement about that the European football authorities could ignore a judgement. The chairman of the Commission of EU on employment Pedrig Flynn has declared that he has warned UEFA: From the EU countries it should be authorised to all football players to pass freely from any club of one country of the union in another and practice of payments of the transfer sums for players, free from contracts should be stopped.
on Monday in Geneva representatives of federations of leading European football powers have agreed about asking UEFA to give them a transition period for modification of transfer system. Also the arrangement on has been reached searching the help at the governments in business of entering into laws of EU of exceptions. At a meeting also it was offered, that the transfer system was replaced with system of the long-term indemnifications, which richer clubs would pay in the poor. Anyway, it is necessary to wait for an outcome not for long.