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Two sights at crisis MTB

There were only those who trusts in a stock exchange

After it became known that the Moscow stock exchange more than month cannot already pay off with participants of the future auctions, we have tried to find out that brokers about developed on MTB situations now think. One of for a long time working on MTB has agreed to tell brokers that occurred at a stock exchange recently.

Money has ceased to leave with MTB in the end of December
Delays of payments on MTB and earlier happened often enough. However the stock exchange coped with these delays within three days practically always. As it did it - not clearly, but consulted. Probably, therefore not at once it became clear that there was something serious. Though sensation of that at a stock exchange not so affairs are good, has appeared in the end of December. First sign - cash began to rise in price.
We, truth, connected it that people simply withdraw means before holidays to enclose in state credit obligations for that time, the auctions will not be held yet. Most likely, the decision of management MTB not to trade on holidays was an error. However almost it was there and then found out that the stock exchange detains payments literally under any pretext. Was so earlier: you take a box of sweets, you go to girls to settlement bureau, girls put you in turn of payments. If you have risen in turn to two o`clock in the afternoon money will leave this very day. If later - that on following. But if very much it is necessary, it is possible to write off and after two to the day.
here this last mechanism has ceased to work since December, 26th. It meant that in whatever you were relations with settlement bureau, you serve on the same level with all. Even those people who brought on a stock exchange great sums of cash - and cash then cost ten percent (100 % of ecash were on sale for 90 % of cash. -), and purchase of ecash was very favourable business - could not count that their money will leave when it is necessary for them. It said that the stock exchange does not do any discounts. And time it does not do discounts spare cash at a stock exchange is not present.
When we have come already after holidays, normal trade has first begun, but cash steels sharply to rise in price. At first twenty, then forty, then seventy percent. What for in this situation ecash is necessary? Well, can, someone hopes that can beat out them at Miljukova, or counts that at MTB difficulties will soon come to an end.
we always had quite good relations with a stock exchange management, us tried to inform that occurs. So was, for example, when there was a crisis on MTSFB. Then us in every possible way tried to calm. And now silence. It too very much guarded us. Besides, became stronger to protect Miljukova. It and so was almost imperceptible, at the auctions did not appear, and we it saw once a year at meetings of members of a stock exchange. And now to it in general began not to make the way.
among brokers conversations have begun: At you money has left? - is not present . And than give reason? - yes anything . We have started to find out, in what business, and eventually have found out that at MTB serious shortage of money and is connected it with debts of some banks and other structures. However any time there was a hope that on accounts of settlement firms the stock exchange scrolls the rests on state credit obligations. Obviously, it was possible to wait that after holidays of the price for state credit obligations will grow, the stock exchange will earn money and will start to embroider non-payments. We waited for number to the fifteenth. But has occurred nothing, here again we have already become seriously interested in where our money has got to. At a stock exchange the agiotage has begun.

Directors of settlement firms have taken a main blow up
On MTB there are no dismantlings, and in general in difference, for example, from RTSB the period of trade the Moscow stock exchange is much less criminalised by vouchers. This stock exchange that is good that here always it was possible to bring cash and to cover with them a negative variation margin. It is very convenient and favourable. And on MTB it is quite possible to appear with a bag of cash, and with you never happens nothing. And though all know that here this person is engaged in cash, anybody threw nobody and did not substitute. I do not know, why. Whether a roof it is good, what a difference so have put. I do not know.
was, truth, autumn of last year one case. The director of one of the largest settlement firms, serving some branches of the Savings Bank then sold ecash for cash. All to it have believed - all - taki the large player, always gave. It has taken away cash, and into its account money from the National credit and have not come. As a result of all have thrown in total on one million dollars. The director at a stock exchange practically does not happen now, though already almost all has returned. Remains where - that of one and a half billion roubles.
clients now render the basic pressure on directors of settlement firms. Letters write, with court threaten. Yesterday here two bankers came. I speak to them: Yes I to you money with expensive soul, only MTB do not translate . And they and to listen want nothing: These are your problems. We with you signed the contract, here you money and return . While we keep.
as soon as it became clear that MTB endures a serious crisis, have started to withdraw with a stock exchange money. It became or through cashing in under high percent, or by buying up for ecash of securities. At a stock exchange type announcements " began to appear; Let`s consider any offers on purchase of securities in an exchange for non-cash roubles . Bought almost any actives: actions of a trading pillbox Roditi bills.... At once cash reached ninety percent. The volume of the auctions has simultaneously decreased, the volume of open positions was twice reduced.
now anybody any more does not want to take away cash. But remained only where - that half of participants - those who continues to trust in a stock exchange. The others have removed everything that it was possible to remove, and have left. By the way, it is visible that they have already appeared at other stock exchanges. Among brokers the relation to that occurs, a miscellaneous. to old men basically all the same. For example, Djuk (on MTB it is accepted to give to trading brokers some kind of nicknames so it is more convenient at carrying out of trading sessions by ear). He does not fuss, cash does not remove. Behind it the Moscow Savings Bank costs, probably, thinks that it with MTB as - nibud will understand. Or the Gene . Yes he can buy MTB, in four banks works. Happened, billions lost only because such mood was. Wanted to lose and lost. And here Inko (speak, it works from the Russian credit ) - another matter, to it that occurs, very much is not pleasant. But it young the broker, has come on a stock exchange in the summer, has not had time to earn much. Now can lose much.