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Sirs have ceased to fight - try to work

Tomorrow in Obersdorfe the World championship on ski sports begins. According to the president of Federation of cross-countries of Russia Vladimir LOGINOV whom has the day before met VALERY`S correspondent - MIRONOV, Russian national team has the right to count in Germany on some awards. In individual races it assigns high hopes to Julia Chepalovu, Olga Zavyalov, Nikolay Pankratov and Michael Ivanov, and also waits for success in relay races.
- on what your optimism is based? After all short of several productive starts at World Cup stages, as a whole our skiers for a long time any more bleshchut.

- to Admit, the main our problem in the World championship - attentively to look that we have one year prior to the Olympic games and that is not present. After all at last selection competitions in Tsahkadzore especially and to select - that was nobody, because leading our sportsmen, members of a national team - the goods now piece. Have passed times when it was necessary to choose from several tens equally capable sportsmen, and other times yet do not send. The executive committee has unanimously confirmed 18 nominees - on 8 classical skiers and skiers and on 1 sprinter. I consider that our men`s team very young and very perspective. Two mums have returned to the female - Natalia Masalkina - Baranova, Elena Buruhina which show quite good results at once. Naturally, we hope that Julja Chepalova will struggle in three disciplines - relay race, duatlone and race by free style. I think, will not bad act in classical races gaining in strength from start to start Olga Zavyalov, Nikolay Pankratov and, in essence, unique ours marafonets - classic Michael Ivanov. We trust also in an affected go-ahead sheaf of sprinters Ivan Alypov - Vasily Rochev. Quite successfully can develop and both usual relay races. Will be at Russians of an award or not - eventually it is more important to us to be convinced of their ability to battle.

- it is known that at definition in the championships of starting go-ahead structures between trainers at times there are at all disputes, and, excuse, quarrels. Whether any accurate criterion is developed this time?

- Quarrels will not be, because we have discussed this question on the executive committee and on trainer`s council. The decision on relay races, having considered all nuances both purely sports, and psychological character, the head coach of a national team Elena Vjalbe - by the way, the triple Olympic champion in relay races will accept on a place. If there will be doubts the definitive variant will be confirmed by the president, that is I. And working disputes, certainly, are inevitable.

- whether you can guarantee, what in the present World championship Russians will not appear in the centre next dopingovogo scandal?

- Alas guarantee it I cannot. As, however, and my colleagues from other countries. The forbidden preparations - ten thousand, but also the technics, capable to define their presence in an organism, is thin and perfect. And nevertheless I am not assured that in a head at someone from trainers or sportsmen will not arise any imaginations. However from its part we, I consider, we do everything that scandals of similar sense have not arisen. So, our experts from the centre of preparation of national teams repeatedly took away tests from members of a national team, in Tsahkadzor there came delegates World antidopingovogo agencies. But guarantees today, I think, all the same anybody cannot give. Any, I underline, the country, and we including. But if scandal, God forbid, arises, it becomes the next tragedy for all our sports. After similar scandals - at first with Finns in the World championship of 2001 in Lahti, and then and with us on the Olympic Games in Solt - Lejk - City - cross-countries began to show all less often on television and, as consequence, sponsors have turned away.

- but LUKOIL all - taki has returned?
- In the end of December the management of LUKOIL has made decision to give financial support to a women`s team. While within one year - to the Olympic Games. I do not know, what were former volumes of the help of LUKOIL of a national team, but, I think, if girls act adequately also the relation of the sponsor will change for the better. But while too it is normal: our skiers, I believe, remain are happy.

- recently in Turin I could listen in literal sense to cry from the heart of the president of the Union of biathlonists of Alexander Tikhonov anxious by a state of affairs in skiing hardly probable no more, than in biathlon. Mister Tikhonov named this state of affairs forsmazhornym and has suggested to select without any selection sports principles, and simply strong-willed decision of candidates for the Olympic ski national team and to prepare them purposefully for the Olympic Games under two trainers - female and man`s. Your opinion?

- We discussed this theme with Alexander Ivanovichem then, in Turin, not one evening. I understand its concern because it though also the great biathlonist, but itself became time and again the champion of the USSR and on cross-countries. Because very deeply knows skiing. I remember, when about konkovom a course we only still read in books, it in the championship of the USSR on skis this fad from start of metres on 50 has escaped at once from all. Beautiful improvisation was more tremendous.

and still, I think, in our case of sharp movements it is impossible to do. Whether I forsmazhornymi consider circumstances in skiing of Russia? Between yes and is not present . And here to create a certain experimental group and to prepare it in exclusive conditions with a sight on the Olympic Games of 2010 it is really necessary. After all capable children 1983 - 1984 of a birth, as well as present talented members of an adult national team, we, unfortunately, have some. And we are simply obliged behind them attentively to observe and carefully to keep.

- before the World championship there were irreconcilable disputes, in particular, between a management of federation and the trainer of club Saturn Alexander Grushin for the right of those or other sportsmen to start in Obersdorfe. What will be before the Olympic Games?

- If Grushin did not subject something to the criticism, it would be not Grushin. As any great trainer, it the specific person, and it is normal. We are familiar with Grushin since the childhood, and now at us fine relations, we fulfil with it all questions. Eventually, our main task - to make so that Russian national team battled not to itself and that could battle to Germans, Frenchmen, Swedes, Norwegians and other competitors from nowadays new ski countries. At us selection principles to the Olympic Games are already developed. But we will necessarily consider all successful and unsuccessful moments in this season and after its termination we will gather in April for conferences in Syktyvkar and we will accurately define, how we will prepare for the Olympic Games and how to make so that at a national team there were no problems.

I am not ready to tell that we will go on the way, offered by Alexander Tikhonov, but interesting and we it will discuss its offer. I know, why he so worries about cross-countries. Not only as the president friendly to us federation, the person, the sportsman and the patriot. He simply understands that if there will be no cross-countries biathlon will not be trace also. After all we always worked in close contact. All great biathlonists are, at least, prize-winners or world champions among youth in cross-countries.

- but at all thus at biathlonists in a national team absolutely another - healthy, unlike you, - a climate, the perfect and accurate system of selection to the main international starts...

- At us too all is accurate. And razdraj at us, fortunately, nevertheless not the long-term. Though after Solt - Lejk - City, of course, it takes place to be. But we at ourselves in federation, by the way, and Elena Valerevna Vjalbe, my first deputy, now do everything that razdraja was not. Certainly, energy of sportsmen which it to use in the peace purposes, at times left on hassles, after all they will - bondage cook in our general porridge. As they say, sirs fight, and at lackeys forelocks crack. But, believe, sirs have ceased to fight - try to work.