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Belgorodtsam one party

the winner of two last draws of League of champions " has sufficed Yesterday; the Locomotive - Belogore despite defeat in a return match 1/ 8 endings from the Dynamo with the account 2:3, left in a quarterfinal of the next draw of tournament. In the first match in Moscow belgorodtsy have won with the account 3:0.
Hardly the Dynamo went to Belgorod, without hoping any more to recoup. Hardly the head coach of Muscovites Vladimir Alekno has let out in a starting lineup at once two young volleyball players - binding Pavel Zajtseva and libero Artema Ermakova - instead of the checked up veterans Konstantin Ushakov and Evgenie Mitkov simply because understood: any chances after dry house defeat at it already all the same is not present. Probably, he really wanted though something to surprise the Belgorod colleague Gennady Shipulina though as - that to change game of the command in comparison with that that was in Moscow.

At the Dynamo it has not turned out anything. Some minutes it were a match of equal commands by what contenders were represented on the eve of opposition. First ten draws - to the account 5:5. And then belgorodtsy at last have coped dinamovskoj with attack, and Alexander Kosarev very competently, from the block, has punched in a miss. Yury Berezhko, one more young dinamovets, has struck in a cable from which the ball has jumped aside for a line. Sergey Tetjuhin with Sergey Baranovym have brought Belogorju two more points, and when same Tetjuhin the most powerful giving as it is accepted to speak, has beaten out Ermakova, Vladimir Alekno has been compelled to take a time - a miss - belgorodtsy have started to come off.

if someone believed that they still can be stopped, he was mistaken. Dinamovtsy, of course, tried. And high Taras Htej, having been in time to develop Has lifted in centimetre from a parquet the Belgorod binding Vadim Hamuttsky`s well-known deceptive discount, but in a second, already attacking, has run into the fine block performed by Argentinean Alehandro Spajicha. No, with Belogorem already it was impossible to make anything.

during the second technical break to which the account has grown till 16:10 in favour of owners, Vladimir Alekno has talked to the volleyball players no more than ten seconds. Then dinamovtsy long stood at a lateral line, expecting, when game will renew. Game about which, probably, all became already clear to their instructor.

as a result the intrigue of this meeting has been settled for 20 minutes. It is so much to the Locomotive - Belogore it was required to finish a starting set a victory - 25:15. So assured that it it would be possible to name a victory sensational, if not the Moscow match, in which the Dynamo Against the most basic opponent looked almost so faintly.

after that the meeting any more did not represent especial sports interest - for capital club the victory with " had after all sense only; dry the account.