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Governor Darkin has removed the nominee on video

Yesterday Sergey Darkin who has become by the first regional head, entered a post according to new order of election of governors, has arranged about it solemn reception. Having told about achievements of the command during the first governor`s term, the head of Primorski Territory has published the problems on the forthcoming fifth anniversary. By 2010 Sergey Darkin has promised to eradicate poverty and to double valovyj a regional product.
on January, 17th governor Sergey Darkin has ahead of schedule put the matter of confidence before the president. Vladimir Putin has brought its nominee on the statement in Legislative Assembly of Primorski Krai, and on February, 4th for investment of mister Darkina with powers of the head of region have voted 35 of 36 deputies. At once after summarising of voting the head of Primorski Krai has taken the oath and has entered a post of the governor for the next five years` term.

on February, 4th the head of region did not begin suit a banquet Relying on the occasion of re-election. what banquet - time is not present. Here now at once the plenipotentiary (the plenipotentiary of the president in Far East federal district Konstantin Pulikovski. - ) holds meeting concerning local government and monetization of social benefits reform. It is necessary to work - has declared then Sergey Darkin. The Free time for the organisation of celebrations on the occasion of the introduction into a post at mister Darkina has appeared only yesterday.

In a conference - the hall of a building of administration of Primorski Krai to an apple had no place to fall: to congratulate the governor all elite of edge has gathered. It was expected arrival and heads of the next regions, but anybody from Far East governors in a hall has not been noticed. Was not on ceremony and plenipotentiary Pulikovski who has sent instead of of assistant Yury Averyanov. And Vladimir Putin`s congratulation was read by the adviser of management for internal policy of the president of the Russian Federation Yury Puzanov. The commander who has arrived from Khabarovsk of Far East military district Yury Yakubov who, unique of visitors, has publicly handed over to the governor the gifts - a picture with the Amur tiger and tank model became the most high-ranking visitor of mister Darkina.

but in the beginning all gathered had to see on the big screen a film about achievements of a command of mister Darkina for the first term. The film which has been removed in a format of a videoclip (the governor and veterans, the governor and roads, the governor and schools, youth, housing construction and etc.) Visually showed that the head of edge earned the reassignment by persistent work. It is necessary to notice that the special attention in a film has been given mutual relations of mister Darkina and mister Putin. Here the president in Primorski Krai, here it accepts the governor in the Kremlin, here mister Darkin votes on presidential election in March, 2004 (for whom exactly - to guess simply), and here already the nominee of the head of region is represented the president on the statement of regional parliament.

the trust which was rendered to me by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, is a demonstration of trust by all primortsam - Sergey Darkin in the keynote speech has declared. From it also followed that the governor of Primorski Krai during the period till 2010 is going to double valovyj a regional product, to struggle with poverty and to achieve growth of well-being of inhabitants of edge. The primary goal in the field of economy mister Darkin named doubling of capacities of seaside ports and building of the oil pipeline from Eastern Siberia, which, as he said, will cardinally change an economic situation in region .

solemn reception by a buffet table on some honeycombs of persons Has ended. the governor that the people have not taken offence should be put down! - has explained sense of an event one of visitors.

, Vladivostok