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Michael Jackson successfully was ill

Yesterday litigation in the Californian city of Santa - Maria over the priest - singer Michael Jackson whom accuse of fulfilment of dissolute actions concerning the minor boy, has unexpectedly interrupted. Some minutes prior to the next session the singer has been hospitalised in the local medical centre, presumably with a flu. While it is not known, whether really mister Jackson is sick, or it is a question about witty attempt to break court.
as has declared to journalists leading process judge Rodni Melvil, some minutes prior to session Michael Jackson has ailed, going to court . According to the judge, the singer has been immediately hospitalised in branch of first aid of medical centre Santa - Marias. Michael Jackson`s lawyer has declared a bit later that its client very much, it is very sick and the further comments has refused. The press - the secretary of medical centre Ketlin Ernandes to which the correspondent has addressed for explanations to give any additional information has refused flatly. A press - the secretary of mister Jackson Rajmon Bejn has declared to journalists that itself tries to learn something and will tell later . Later judge Rodni Melvil has specified that at mister Jackson a flu. At the moment of number delivery in the press more than any news about a condition of the actor did not arrive.

however, observers suspect that Michael Jackson`s which has coincided with judicial hearings the sudden illness, - no more than distracting maneuver. When in May, 2003 in Indianapolis proceeding under the claim of the sound recording company should begin, trying to prove copyrights to group Jackson records five (in it there began the career mister Jackson), the singer also has been unexpectedly hospitalised. Then, as well as now, its representatives could not explain, than Michael Jackson is sick. The experts estimating a condition of mister Jackson on video shots, asserted that at it a rare skin disease vitiligo (occurrence on a body of large dark stains).

Mister Jackson in general very much thinks much of the health, however thus regularly enough badly feels. In the middle - the end 80 - h years it anxious by an abundance of viruses and microbes in air, spent the whole days in a pressure chamber, and in public appeared precisely in a mask - a respirator and gloves. The slightest cold or an indisposition of the king of bottoms - music from its giving were inflated in a press till the catastrophic sizes. So, for example, in 2001 the singer has suspected that is sick of the Siberian ulcer. He declared itself(himself) and the children Prinsa Michael and Peris Michel very sick and telling about symptoms of the illness, said that at it lungs burn, it is difficult to breathe . The carried out tests have not confirmed presence at the singer of the Siberian ulcer.

Michael Jackson`s health drew attention of public and when during one of concerts at it the nose has unexpectedly fallen off, subsequently appeared an artificial limb - own nose at Michael Jackson is not present for a long time. The director of the Republican centre of a reproduction of the person Andrey Akopjan who has shared with the version of illness of Michael Jackson, considers that at the singer the dry gangrene, started to develop after a number of plastic operations in which result blood supply of a tip of a nose " was broke;.

on Monday the singer did not state any complaints, smiled to judges and in general looked assured and quiet. In court the list of witnesses of its protection into which the most known stars of a platform, cinema and television, including Elizabeth Taylor, Stivi Uander and Dajana Ross have entered has been read. When process while it is not known now will proceed.