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The African focuses and the Chechen nightmares

On Berlinale half of competitive program is shown already. Also there were just now the films, the melted ice alienations of the first days of festival. From Berlin - ANDREY - PLAHOV.
Terri George`s paradocumentary political drama " became the First such picture; Hotel ` Ruanda ` the second - Mark Dornforda`s film opera - Meja Carmen from Haelishi : both and another public of Berlinale rose in applause that. Merimee and Bizet`s plot completely dekonstruirovan, is sated by unexpected humour that does not deprive of its first-born tragic element. Action is transferred to a modern South African city and temperamentally played by singers - actors in language of natives. In Carmen`s role - Polin Mejlfejn, black Aphrodite in krossovkah and a vest which cracks on its mighty breast literally. Carmen and Hotel ` Ruanda ` - Two films which have justified so-called focus to Africa, declared by organizers of festival and first seemed an artificial invention.

Berlinale always was considered as the politized festival and though last years he tries to correct the image aside razvlekatelnosti, all the same the policy remains the obligatory making local program. Anything surprising if to consider character of the Berlin public - that that goes on festival viewings. It is politically advanced and today (when in Germany act young far right and in newspapers the question on legitimacy of bombardments is discussed by allies of German cities during the Second World War) considers as the debt to support such films, as shown in competition Sofi Sholl - last days . Director Mark Rotemund has told about German molodogvardejtsah - group of antinazi resistance the White rose . And about unique girl Sofi Sholl in this group which has finished the life on a guillotine - it Julia Dzhench who has all bases to win a prize for a woman`s role has expressively played. To this plot the German cinema addresses already in the third time, but, unlike former, the new film is made on purely documentary basis: it is constructed on reports of interrogations of the heroine. Among public on this premiere there was younger sister Sofi Sholl and the members who have lived up to now the White rose .

There was a true candidate on an actor`s prize and among men. He is Michel Buke who has played in a film of Robera Gedigjana Late Mitterand mortally sick socialism which has internally undeceived in ideals, but the president who has not betrayed them of France. This picture too differs is deceptive the legal form (Mitterand dictates the memoirs to the young journalist), but in it is and kinematografichnost, and depth, and even - at a modest television format - breath the big style .

the Most actual and disputable film of the competitive program - prodjusirovannyj Dutches and removed by the Palestinian to Khan Abu - Assadom Paradise Now that by analogy with the Apocalypse Coppolas it is possible to translate into Russian as Paradise today . Two heroes of a film, Said and Haled, should make self-destructive act of terrorism in Israel. We become witnesses of last day of young kamikazes, meetings of one of them with the woman who offers it not only love, but also an alternative way of struggle. However too late. The picture is interesting to that shows internal reflexions of the Palestinian fighters and breaks a stereotype of not arguing fanatic - the shahid. That this film has got support of the Israeli distributors is significant also. Though on art expressiveness it considerably concedes Divine intervention other Palestinian - Elia Sulejmana who has managed - however, not for the first time in cinema practice - to transform agitprop into art.

of a rich history of this question has reminded display restavrirovannoj to the version the Battleship ` Potyomkin ` Eisenstein with live music performed by a German orchestra is there was one of status events of festival along with night display korotkometrazhek Stanley Kubrika. And informal life of Berlinale proceeds in the Campus of talents - youth creative camp where before beginning cinematographers stars and masters act. However, as to the big Hollywood stars, at festival there was while only Keanu Rivz, having caused the whole demonstrations of fans with posters Matrixes Moreover Kevin Spejsi in a role is not so much star, how many the director - the debutant: in to the Panorama show its film At the sea (Beyond the Sea).

In parallel to competition to the Panorama extremely wide range is developed that: from the homosexual pornoindustry in Los - Andzhelese to horrors of war in the Chechen Republic (it devotes a German documentary film White madmen - the Chechen nightmare Tamara Trampe`s directors and Jogana Fejndta). And in the Forum the French picture " became one of the most interesting; To Matilde director Kler Deni - a deconstruction any more operas, and modern ballet.