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odnomandatniki representatives of the Duma fraction " have reflected on the future

Yesterday; an United Russia have declared that consider inadmissible sharp transition to a proportional election system in the State Duma. As has informed vitse - the speaker of chamber Oleg Morozov in this connection amendments are already prepared for the presidential bill of elections which now prepares for procedure of the second reading. In the Kremlin, by data, with these amendments agree.
Deputies of the State Duma of all four convocations since 1993 were selected on the mixed system: 225 mandates were received by members of party lists, and 225 more - the deputies selected in one-mandatory districts. The bill introduced by the president accepted in the first reading on December, 24th, cancels this system so already following Duma should be selected exclusively on partspiskam: all mandates will divide among themselves parties which will type on elections not less than 7 % of voices.

As Oleg Morozov who since 1993 was invariably selected in parliament on one-mandatory district has declared yesterday at a briefing in the State Duma, transition to proportional system should be smoother and logical. In particular, vitse - the speaker does not accept the scheme of formation put in the presidential bill partspiskov which are offered to be divided not less than into 72 regional parts. According to the project, the party which has broken a barrier automatically spends the first three of the central list to the State Duma, and the prime right to take other places is received by the candidates heading regional lists.

this scheme, according to mister Morozova, puts privileges for the first places in the list that is fraught with absolutely unhealthy competition in party. Therefore vitse - the speaker draws on, that a principle on merits extended on the party list except for the first three. That is the representation of regional Party members in the Duma should depend on the voices received by them directly: we will tell, if one regional list has received 60 %, and other list of the same party - 20 % candidates from the first list should receive three times more mandates, than representatives of the second.

Besides, mister Morozov believes that the minimum put in the project in 72 regional lists is unfair for large regions. Actually mullions-strong Moscow will acquire the right to the same quantity of deputies, as, for example, Nenets autonomous region, where all order of 30 thousand voters. In order to avoid such disproportion mister Morozov suggests to finish the minimum quantity of regional lists to 100. In his opinion, parties at to a binding the list to concrete region should consider number of voters living there. For this purpose the deputy suggests to define a maximum of voters (to 3 million) on which each regional part of the party list can be calculated.

differently, Oleg Morozov actually tries to introduce in proportional system elements former majority - that present odnomandatniki and in new conditions had high chances of passage to the Duma. After all territory borders from which the regional list is put forward, in this case will coincide almost with former one-mandatory districts where the deputies know much better, than capital party chiefs.

as has informed a source in presidential administration, in the Kremlin the amendment approve. Has confirmed it and the leader of fraction the Native land Dmitry Rogozin after a yesterday`s meeting with Vladimir Putin (the material see the same page). According to the deputy, he has stated a wish to give bolshee attention to regions at reform of an electoral system and has received the answer from zamglavy Vladislav Surkova`s presidential administration that in the State Duma the amendments directed on bolshee representation of regions at a party election system already prepare.