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Have appointed as always

Last years ten appointment of curators of the Russian pavilion occurs in a mode of the detective novel: public till the latest moment does not know, who will represent Russia at the oldest and authoritative international exhibition of the modern art. C 1995 for 2001 the Russian pavilion in Venice was in department of the State centre of the modern art (GTSSI), headed by Leonid Bazhanov. The first GTSSI the curator of pavilion Victor Miziano became appointed. It supervised also last Russian exhibition in Venice, but this time to destination State muzejno - exhibition centre ROSIZO in which department the Russian pavilion has passed in 2003.

hearings that will be exposed in the Russian pavilion this year, went the most different. The hypothesis was one of the most popular versions that to Venice there will go the project Prestanding/ Deisis - Grandiose fotoshopnyj an iconostasis created by artist Konstantin Khudyakov on a plan of the collector of icons and businessman Vladimir Bondarenko, shown in October in the Tretyakov gallery (wrote about it on October, 9th). In general - that was supposed that the Russian project will get out on a competitive basis. But, according to director ROSIZO Evgenie Zjablova, to hold competition in necessary terms it has appeared it is impossible from - that the advisory council making the decision at the culture Ministry has stopped the existence, and new council at Federal agency on culture and cinematography is not created yet . So experts from ROSIZO and federal agency have been again compelled to search for a suitable candidacy is emergency. Also have found it again - taki among shots GTSSI, let and not capital, but provincial. And in it for observers of process there is nothing sensational: the Nizhniy Novgorod centre the Arsenal - Hardly probable not the most active and successful Russian regional institution in the field of the modern art, on whose to the account weight of exhibitions and festivals, including international.