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The Office of Public Prosecutor has found business to the head of Nefteyugansk

Yesterday it became known about discharge from a post of the mayor of Nefteyugansk, the deputy of the Tyumen regional Duma Victor Tkacheva. Such decision was taken out by city court of Nefteyugansk where the Office of Public Prosecutor Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region (HMAO) has addressed, investigating case about excess by the mayor of office powers. We will notice that in Nefteyugansk the company " is registered; Yuganskneftegaz - the former affiliated structure of YUKOS sold in December from auction and supervised now Rosneft .
Victor Tkachev who has become by the mayor of Nefteyugansk in 1998 after murder of its predecessor - Vladimir Petuhova, and in 1999 and 2003 selected on this post, is known for numerous performances about a situation round YUKOS branch - the companies Yuganskneftegaz (SHIP`S BOYS) which is registered in Nefteyugansk. The mayor became actually unique representative of the local authorities, officially declaring that the heavy financial position in which it has appeared SHIP`S BOYS from - for the tax claims shown to it, leads to nonpayment of salaries at the enterprises - accessory manufacturers that aggravates social conditions in a city (SHIP`S BOYS is for Nefteyugansk gradoobrazujushchim the enterprise).

Yesterday the chairman of city court of Nefteyugansk Ivan Gubarev, addressing to local journalists, has informed that on February, 3rd Office of Public Prosecutor HMAO has brought criminal case concerning Victor Tkacheva. According to mister Gubarev, excess of office powers (item 286 ch is incriminated to the mayor. 3 items in the criminal code of Russian Federation, provides imprisonment for the term up to ten years). The consequence conducts department on investigation especially important issues of Office of Public Prosecutor HMAO. According to mister Gubarev, investigating bodies have considered that Victor Tkachev can use office position and prevent a consequence. Therefore Office of Public Prosecutor HMAO has directed to city court of Nefteyugansk the petition for Victor Tkacheva`s discharge from a post for a consequence. On February, 12th the court is the petition has satisfied.

to tell, of what the mayor is particularly accused, the judge did not become. However the source in goradministratsii has informed yesterday that, under the version of Office of Public Prosecutor, the mayor on municipal means has constructed in Krasnodar territory on the bank of Black sea 70 cottages within the limits of the program of social support of the retired workers of the North. However cottages have not got to pensioners - ostensibly they have been sold to certain businessmen. where the obtained means and who became the proprietor of cottages have got to, finds out a consequence - has added a source.

in Office of Public Prosecutor HMAO yesterday have refused comments. To talk to Victor Tkachevym also it was not possible. Relatives of the mayor have informed that it has left in business trip . When the correspondent has phoned on a mobile phone of the mayor, Victor Tkachev has declared: I will not talk on this theme - also has disconnected communication.

for deputies of the Tyumen regional Duma of the claim of Office of Public Prosecutor to mister Tkachevu became a bolt from the blue. Deputy Alexander Tcherepanov admitted to the correspondent that for the first time hears about it. However, mister Tcherepanov has noticed that the deputy status will not affect in any way destiny of mister Tkacheva as deputies of regional Duma do not possess immunity against criminal prosecution.

electronic mass-media HMAO and Tyumen have assumed yesterday that history with cottages actually only an occasion to involve the mayor in a criminal liability. And actually it has suffered for cooperation with the YUKOS management. Friendship with YUKOS auknulas to Tkachevu criminal case - has informed, for example, the edition UralPolit. Ru referring to the experts. We will note, after excitation of criminal cases against heads of the oil company in HMAO scale public prosecutor`s checks following the results of which criminal cases were got on deputies gordumy by Hunts - Mansijska and businessmen - oil industry workers Alexander and Nikolay Pershinyh have begun. Now public prosecutors analyze activity of the director of department of government HMAO on oil and Veniamin Panova`s gas and the assistant to the governor of district Vladimir Karasev.

one of lawyers on YUKOS business - Anton Drel - has told yesterday that and to its colleagues protecting in court of Michael Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev, it is not known to it about discharge of the mayor of Nefteyugansk Victor Tkacheva and about possible attraction of the last to a criminal liability in connection with YUKOS business. By words the press - the secretary of YUKOS Alexander Shadrin, mister Tkachev concerned YUKOS. but it was very much for a long time - Alexander Shadrin has told and has added that it while does not know, whether to the mayor of Nefteyugansk claims are connected with a situation round YUKOS. if claims concern our company we necessarily will comment on it - mister Shadrin has promised.

will watch succession of events.
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