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In Novosibirsk journey on river transport

In the Novosibirsk region has risen in price opens suburban   the river message. Past Wednesday the first   transportations have begun on a ferry between landing stage Tashara and the left coast of Ob. And on Friday, on April, 29th, on the river the steam-ship « will go to a way; Moscow 133 » on an old route « River station – Sedovaja Zaimka ». On a way at summer residents familiar for a long time stations: Kudrjash, Berry, Cheremushki, the New Dawn, Bibiha and Sedovaja Zaimka. The schedule too has not changed.

- the Steam-ship is ready to a season and will go five days in a week, except   Monday and environment, - has informed « Vasily Volokitin,   the head of department   the organisations of passenger transportations of the Novosibirsk region. – departure from « River   station » in 8. 00. After a dinner it arrives on « Sedovuju Zaimku » Also comes back back to Novosibirsk in 20. 15.  

But if in the schedule of the steam-ship of changes is not present in payment of journey they have appeared. This year will reach on river transport to the summer residence on 10 % more expensively, than last year. The a stop further from « River station » the ticket cost above. For example, travel to Berry (22 km) will manage in 65 roubles, and to final (50 km) – in 80 roubles. Officials assure that the rise in price insignificant and is strong on a purse will not strike.

- Tariffs for river transport for the population did not change three years, - Vasily Volokitin has told. - this year, in connection with rise in price as a whole transportations, the prices have decided to lift on 10 %. At rechnikov   expenses on PETROLEUM PRODUCTS and on preparation of fleet to navigation have increased. But I will notice that rules of preferential journey under uniform social tickets and electronic maps are saved.

In regional management of passenger transportations as have added that by May, 9th there will begin work a ferry « Ordynsky - Bottom Kamenka ».

a purse

Fare from station « River station » to « Sedovoj Zaimki »   - 80 roubles (33 roubles – the children`s ticket).

To station Kudrjash - 50 roubles (20 roubles)

To station Berry - 65 roubles (30 roubles)

To station Cheremushki - 75 roubles (32 roubles)

To station   the New Dawn and Bibiha - 80 roubles (33 roubles)

the ticket Price for a ferry between landing stage Tashara and the left coast of Ob – 20 roubles (10 roubles)

the ticket Price for a ferry « Ordynsky - Bottom Kamenka » - 30 roubles (15 roubles)