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Michael ZADORNOV: be good to people, and it to you will return in the double size

- Michael Nikolaevich, this ours 22 - e interview.

- Interview - too dry word. Conversation - is more exact. On - to mine, the first was in 1986.

- At me in this time the whole life has passed, and you on - former are vigorous and cheerful. Whence energy scoop? Where a source?

- And there is no source. That it is joyful and bodrenko to feel, I would advise not that it is necessary to do, and that is not necessary. For example, many actors of mine rather old age go grown fat, search for creams from a cellulitis. To the one who promises a cream from a cellulitis, on a broader scale it is impossible to trust. From a cellulitis there is nothing, except one - not to guzzle. And when the person guzzles and collects antiques, it is impossible to help it.

- Antiques - that and?

- As and? The antiques age. Come to at whom all house in antiques. Also will see: the owner grown fat, with black circles under the eyes, moves slowly, always aches that the power does not suit anywhere, laws not those are accepted. The house should be that the person in it had a rest. It is impossible to do a museum of the house!

We have come off by nature

- I understand today many of those who loves minimalism. In this sense northern people to me to liking. They do not love excessive arches, dovecots. This purely byzantian « razvodilovo » which has worked to the Kiev Russia, has then passed to all Russia and till now who from a dirt in knjazi sits in all ours.

it is necessary to approach in Jurmala to the house as at once you understand who has constructed it - the Russian banker or the Latvian financier. At the first at once all is visible: the person has constructed to ego-trip. Means, kompleksuet, means, feels that without money it anybody. It is a pity them. They sometimes buy mad furniture from any Versace, even in a garden. At them hoses sprinkling from Armani. As a result cats spoil this furniture, owners run, all spray, buy the laying, striking a current of cats.

- has In a word, put too much.

- Same horror, instead of life. They will always sneeze. They always go, tied with scarfs. You want to feel well - remove a scarf for ever.

- So it is cold!

- do not look At all in shop at department of scarfs.

- And you do not carry scarfs?

- Never! In any frost. And fifteen years I am not converted to doctors.

- And if for appearance? And to fasten in such abrupt image?

- What for? I that, the Milan gay? When gays go, having embraced as two pigeons, here they let scarfs tie round, their this private affair. And I the muzhik, a scarf am not necessary to me. The fashion today has gone - to tie round a scarf and to think, what I abrupt. It is necessary to you for krutosti a little! You want to live well - read out nature laws. It is impossible to change nature laws. If Americans where - that bomb today, in other place there will be an earthquake. It is the law of the Earth, and the Constitution of America it will not change.

But the mankind has absolutely come off nature laws. Me often ask where to read vedy, it is a fashionable subject. They are not present written, simply does not happen. It is a brain zashorennogo the manager: that something to learn, it is necessary to read. Feel the nature - and you learn that such vedy. If you are good to people, it to you comes back in the double size. And people all time want to receive the instruction and on this instruction to live.

Democracy and oil

- Those who undertook Libya, do not know, than it for them will end. Libya to bomb is all the same that to ten rolling to attack one distrofika - blogera and to take away from it the laptop. At once I will tell, Kaddafi not my ideal, but Soviet Union was ingenious, having put Kaddafi as a delayed action mine under modern capitalism and under modern democracy. On it many will blow up.

Anybody why - that does not want to pay attention that democracy is a trojan horse, which palm off on the countries to take hold of oil. Operation in Libya - « is in a fantastic way named; Odyssey ». Odysseus - the cheat and the most artful shopkeeper.

Americans chased oil many years, and oil itself has come and bulknula it from a gulf. Also has defiled all their coast. Children, you chased me? Receive! And it will proceed. Therefore today there is a danger: if the mankind, well, at least a part of people, does not understand that the main thing on light - nature laws, war is inevitable. Because the Earth will shake mankind which does not respect her. And, strangely enough, it will be the saving phenomenon for the person. After all the youth has forgotten today that there is a love. They think that there is a sex, and name it « we will go to make love » as if it business in which are engaged. But it not business!

- it seems To me, they have not forgotten that there is a love, - they simply do not know.

- it is correct, do not know. The whole generation which has got under negodjajstvo the western democrats, does not know.

- Personally I on a broader scale - that a monarchy supporter. But, on the other hand, with democracy it is necessary to be considered, it nevertheless the people power.

- Democracy is not the people power. Democracy is the power of democrats, anybody is simple it does not know. In Latvia, in Estonia constantly repeat that in Russia there is no democracy. And at you? The freedom of speech is that, democracy? To you have thrown a tip: a pier, children, say that want, and we will not listen to you all the same.

the Freedom of speech changes nothing. Anywhere and never. And in the Ancient Greece not the people were called « people » but only those who had the right of a choice. And those who had no option, were called « ohlos » - from here a word « ohlomon ». And from here – « the sucker ». So live in crisis all day long and always itself badly feel, time you suckers, slaves.

Our ancestors spoke: we are sons God`s. Sons, instead of slaves - the difference is great! The son God`s never will spoil on the nature. He knows that the nature is created by the father. And the Christian will spoil, and proshchenja will ask. Also it will be forgiven, and again will spoil. Has made that was to liking.

People want to read and think

- Glory of remarkable library in Riga connected with your name, spreads and grows.

- It not is connected with my name, and with a name of my father. Two years ago to the father it should be executed hundred years. And I have thought: how to celebrate adequately this date? Adequately is not quantity of the invited visitors and the drunk champagne, the eaten herring « under a fur coat » and not that gipsies sang. And I had for a long time such dream: where - nibud in any library to make a case and to hold in it the books recommended for reading. Because the father in the childhood read to me « the Frigate « a Pallada » « Dersu Uzala » other interesting books.

I Think, giving thanks to these books and on a broader scale to that the father has interested me in reading, my life has developed better, than at those who has been deprived it. And it is better, than at those who read the literature not light, and depressushnuju and chernushnuju. And here I would like to make such case.

And when the idea to create the whole library as - that all began to turn out by itself has occurred. Businessman Igor Malyshkov has told that it has an apartment which costs without business and advantage. And very much was delighted that now this premise is useful. Alexey Shejnin who heads the publishing house « the Brevier » too has told that it was its old dream - to create library. So we have three together gathered and in 400 square metres have opened to 100 - letiju my father library of a name of Nikolay Zadornov.

to It have presented books many known people - Mikhalkov, Evtushenko, Radzinsky... It is thought up, this library. Besides that I recommend, these known people too recommend something to read to become such, as they. In spite of the fact that any « marketoluhi » said to me that it is senseless that people do not want to read today, I in it never believed. Also has made that was to me to liking. I understood that they are not right, and I am right. But I did not think that the rights so! Has passed year - and in library daily began to happen from 40 to 50 persons. Has passed the second year - and in some days happens to 70 persons.

There there is nothing that could remind apartments of oligarchs. Anything brendovogo, all with taste. There pass meetings with interesting people, there a film lecture hall, I managed to collect 500 best films of the world.

I Think, it is one of the best collections in Riga for today. I have spent for this library already about 300 thousand euro, and it pays off that at me very good mood.