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On May, 9th in Kazan will start fountains

- For all fountains seven experts respond, for a day they have time to go round all of them. We start to start fountains from the central streets, that at G.Kamal`s theatre, in Millenary park, on Bauman and Petersburg, - has told « »   the expert « Gorvodzelenhoza » Rustem Hafizov, - and then in a current of day and all the others.

Pumps and engines of fountains « wintered » in a warehouse. Now they need to be established anew.
itself « start » a fountain -   business second … For this purpose it is enough to press only one button. That « have hammered » the stream of water at Kamal`s theatre needs to come into theatre, and a fountain in Millenary Park start from a special box in park.

- Water in fountains changes two times a month. Dirty water merges in the water drain, - has explained   Rustem Hafizov.   - « Refuel » Fountains with the help polivomoechnyh cars.


Experts clean obryzgivateli and check work of all designs
the Photo: Nikolays ALEXANDERS


Is at each fountain and the day off. This day it is closed for cleaning. Experts clean obryzgivateli and check work of all designs. In other days, fountains work since eight mornings to 10 o`clock in the evening. For some it is provided and « a lunch break ».

So, the highest Kazan fountain on lake the Wild boar at Kamal`s theatre (its height – 50 metres) have a rest the whole two hours from 14:00 till.


Now fountains prepare for start
the Photo: Nikolays ALEXANDERS


it is frequent experts, cleaning fountains, get for the work and additional « earnings » - from visitors of capital, those who throws in coin water. Most « monetary » a fountain at G.Kamal`s theatre. For two weeks happens that the whole package of iron coins there gathers.


Most « monetary » Fountain at G.Kamal`s theatre
the Photo: Nikolays ALEXANDERS


And last year left and … sandals. When was 30 - gradusnaja a heat and all got to bathe, many remained already without footwear. It was found then by experts of Gorvodzelenhoza.

However, those who want « to be freshened » in water, risk not only footwear, but also health.

- In the majority of fountains pumps are in bowls, - experts share. – and if there will be malfunctions with a cable, can to strike also a current. Specially for this purpose on fountains tablets hang: « Bathing is forbidden! ».

It is possible and to be wounded simply. In fountains often throw out bottles, after all cleans fountains « the person on duty » the expert only in the evening during detour when switches off fountains.

One more reason to resist in hot day before tempting to get into water – the penalty from 500 to 1000 roubles. After all, fountains – these are objects of culture, and then « floundering » in water can regard as small hooliganism.

As there was a tradition to throw coins in a fountain?

One king in search of a place for new capital long knocked about the world and has not found a place. In anger has thrown out at night gold coins in the river. In many years it has become impoverished and has remembered about these coins, and has gone to that place. It has found coins, and when has looked back around has understood that is good, if here there will be a city! On this money it also has constructed a palace. From here and a sign - if   you throw a coin in water, you will necessarily return on this place.