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Nikolay Govorin: « the Girl sick narkolepsiej is necessary for treating »

Journalists « very much love, when readers leave with them on back coupling – discuss sensitive issues, share vital stories, many of which could become plots for materials … But such responses which have started to come in a considerable quantity on article « 9 - summer chitinka, the patient « narkolepsiej » can heal people hands » we in any way did not expect.

Having selected some comments, we have asked to respond to them Nikolay Govorin, the pro-rector of the Chita state medical academy managing stand of psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology. By the way it six years ago, together with colleagues, has made the Sachet the diagnosis « narkolepsija ».

Sashe Pisarenko the diagnosis: narkolepsija, have exposed in five years.
a photo: from archive KP.

- the Girl then was five years, - Nikolay Govorin remembers. – on a consultation it have brought from reanimatsionnogo branches and directly during inspection, the child has suddenly fallen asleep. To wake Sashu it was not represented possible. So mother also has carried away it on hands from an office.

About illness in a directory it is written that, in - the first, it is not treated, but also is not deadly. … and then, and you are assured, what money will go on treatment? ? (Malicious and bad)

- I personally met Natalia Pisarenko and I do not consider that she behaves incorrectly, trying to help the child, - pro-rector CHGMA has commented. – Moreover, what business can make mother on the sick child? I consider, statements similar to it primitively embittered.

Narkolepsija for today neizlichima, i.e. it not to cure neither in Russia, nor to Germany, the USA. struggle terms with illness is on a broader scale delirium. (Olga, Vienna)

- Cases narkolepsii at such early age worldwide is not enough. Usually this illness starts in pursuit already mature people, therefore a case, really, rare, - Nikolay Govorin has noted. – if prior to the beginning of a transient period the girl receives necessary therapy, narkolepsija can if not to disappear, it is essential to weaken symptoms. In somnologicheskom the centre at academy of a name of Setchenov spend the general treatment, and German physicians already have experience with such patients and is better understand a problem, therefore I consider that the Sachet it is necessary to go to Germany.

It does not prevent to live. It is just necessary to get enough sleep well. Other way is not present. And money for treatment from narkolepsii to collect is a deceit of the population. (Visitor).

- Among patients it is a lot of patients with incurable diseases – an osteochondrosis, DTSP and others, and a problem of the doctor in such cases to make life of these people is more qualitative, - pro-rector CHGMA speaks. – Any illness limits the person in possibilities, and the Sachet still is necessary douchivatsja, to receive a trade, to make a family. To treat the girl it is necessary, differently dream attacks will start to become frequent, then will lead the child to a coma and can have deadly consequences on a broader scale. As to advice to sleep – That it not a sleep debt, and illness which will not take place that the person will spend more time in a bed. The day regimen which to it was advised by doctors, Sasha observes also it helps to weaken symptoms, but for healing, I repeat, treatment is necessary.

Certainly, each person has the right to the point of view and edition « on - former all responses very interest, but from themselves we will tell: before pouring out on electronic pages of our site to the doubts in Natalia Pisarenko`s decency or to convince that already nothing will help her daughter, reflect, you as though felt on a place of this woman. And still present that will be, if suddenly the girl unintentionally sees your comments …

And still the subject has excited many, therefore « Promises to acquaint more close the readers with Sashej and in particular to tell about its gift of healing more in detail, and also, dear Sleepyhead, we will necessarily give all documentary acknowledgement in the form of extracts from the case record and other conclusions of medical experts which you asked.

Readers « too can take part in destiny of the girl. How to help the child read Help to wake the sleeping beauty .