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Head Rostehnology more poorly the spouse

the Epopee with publication by state officials of the incomes proceeds. So the declaration on the earned was given by the general director of state corporation Rostehnologii Sergey Chemezov. With it and other declarations on incomes   it is possible to familiarise on a state corporation site. According to the document for last year it has brought in a family of 36,8 million roubles. And here his wife Ekaterina Ignatov has appeared more abruptly. Thanks to it the family budget has replenished on 319,9 million roubles. But even so high income has not helped - to keep business the lady a palm in the list of the richest wives of state employees. After all in comparison with 2009 its income has fallen almost on hundred millions roubles.

Chemizov has earned on 2,3 million roubles more than in 2009. Besides it, according to the declaration, it posesses the ground area in Moscow suburbs, the area of 6,3 hectares. On it there are two houses: Vein, the area of 1,67 thousand square metres and skromnenky guest - 513,3 square metres. It not including the various economic constructions which total area does not concede on the area to private residences – already 814 square metres. Also at the disposal of Chemezova is quite decent   a motor car park. It posesses cars GAS - 13, VAZ - 11193, ZIL - 410470, Cadillac Eldorado and NefAZ - 4208 - 10 - 17, tractor VTZ - 2048, three motor-cross-country vehicles and three snowmobiles.

After Chemezovym there is a chief of department of corporate procedures and a property complex Rostehnology Vladimir Litvin. For 2010 he has earned 35 million roubles. In 2009 its income has made 29,4 million.

they are followed by assistants to head Rostehnology Igor Zavyalov (16,8 million) and Nikolay Volobuyev (9,3 million) accordingly.

And here first deputy Chemezova Dmitry Shugaev responding in state corporation for a foreign network and exhibition activity, has appeared more modestly simple assistants. In 2010 he could earn all 9,4 million. Pleases only that in comparison with last year, its incomes all - taki have grown. In 2009 it has declared 6,8 million.

even the chief accountant Rostehnology Natalia Borisova has earned in 2010 11,8 million roubles. And the chief of legal department Vladimir Kudashkin &mdash has less earned; in total - that of 4,9 million roubles.

we will remind in December, 2008 the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has signed the law obliging the chairman of the government, vitse - prime ministers and federal ministers to represent to tax departments of data not only on the incomes, but also incomes of members of a family: spouses and minor children.