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To congratulate on victory once again!

on the eve of Day Great Pobedy Moskomprivatbank again opens the doors to veterans and all for whom Great Victory is not only a line in the history textbook. moskomprivatbank specially for front-line soldiers and children of war opens unique possibility free of charge to communicate to brother-soldiers, friends, native which the destiny has scattered on different cities and the countries.

from May, 3 till May, 6th, 2011 on the basis of branches and branches Moskomprivatbanka in the largest cities of Russia for veterans will be organised Skype « video - bridges » on which front-line soldiers can talk to fighting companions and friends alive. Not only to talk, but also to see the interlocutor on the screen. In small cities and settlements where the visual communication for technical reasons cannot work, veterans can talk free of charge to friends and relatives on a telephone hot line and irrespective of, in what city or the country there lives the interlocutor. Talk and meet the family can not only veterans of the Second World War, but also children of war. For a meeting of veterans those branches of bank to which it is the most convenient to reach will be chosen.

so, for example, thanks to a space bridge of Moskomprivatbank and Skype the veteran from Ukraine George Mihajlovich Shvetsov and Russian Maria Iosifovna Kurochkin, for George Mihajlovicha simply Masha already could meet. During a video meeting they could not hide some pleasure tears! The destiny has scattered them every which way, but memory about each other is always live...

- many thanks for possibility to hear and see front friends, - were thanked by George Mihajlovich . - by May, 9th and it is impossible to wish the Best gift! As it is good that you remember veterans!

the geography of veteran orders for video calls impresses: Irkutsk, Sakhalin, St.-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Yaroslavl, Murmansk, hundreds more cities and settlements in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia and even the Austrian capital Vienna.

the Rostov branch of Joint-Stock Company MKB « moskomprivatbank » it is converted to all clients, the partners, all inhabitants of Russia: if you have familiar veterans or children of war, will call by phone 8(863) 291 - 45 - 84 and the bank will necessarily send personal invitations for dialogue with fighting companions and close people in other countries. Pleasure of dialogue, warmly smiles, sincerity of tears and generosity of memoirs - that little, than we can thank people, the blood defended our right to be, live, love and remember their great exploit.

Joint-Stock Company MKB « moskomprivatbank » is a part of bank group PrivatBank. In territory of the Russian Federation the bank renders financial services legal and to physical persons since 1994 and enters into number 100 of the largest Russian financial institutions on the size of actives and on volume of the involved contributions of physical persons. In regions of the presence serves clients in 156 branches and branches in 25 regions of the Russian Federation. By bank it is established about 2 000 cash dispenses and
9 000 POS - terminals. Number of employees exceeds 2,5 thousand persons.
the detail information about services and Joint-Stock Company MKB products « moskomprivatbank » it is possible to receive in a uniform information centre of bank by phone (495 787 - 68 - 88 or under hot line number

8 - 800 - 200 - 20 - 80 (from cities of Russia calls free).

the General licence of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation 2827 from May, 30th, 2006.