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“Ural Mountains“ have shown character!

yesterday “ Ural Mountains ” accepted at house stadium Moscow “ a Torpedo ”. Game was preceded by a touch of easy scandal –   the day before in interview to one of sports portals the player “ a Torpedo » Andrey Konovalov has complained of quality of a football ground in Ekaterinburg.   however, to the foul dancer ….

the First time has begun with attacks “ Ural Mountains ” – our football players densely occupied half of field of the rival, put pressure and supervised a ball more. However have passed the first. One of rare attacks torpedovtsev has ended with corner kick at our gate.   after a canopy in penal above all Muscovite Vladimir Hozin has jumped out and a head has forwarded a ball to gate. 0 - 1.

After the hammered ball “ a Torpedo ” for some time has intercepted the initiative, but then uraltsy have returned it to itself, having rushed to recoup. Our halfback Branimir Petrovich has especially actively proved, to stop   which capital visitors could only c infringement of rules.

A bit later uraltsam excellent attack &ndash has gone right; Anton Zabolotnyj has passed through the centre, hardly having displaced to the right, has beaten some rivals and has given smart transfer under blow. After such pass it was necessary to try very much not to get to empty gate. Alexander Dmitrys has tried and has not got – a ball   has left above the gate, accompanied by the discouraged sigh of tribunes.

But justice exists, and through pair attacks “ Ural Mountains ” cđŕâí˙ë the bill.   Branimir Petrovich has passed to Alexander Stavpetsu, and last has passed on the right flank and has irresistibly punched in the right corner from the goalkeeper, having put a ball vpritirku with a bar.

In the second time open football &ndash has gone; commands played and allowed to play to the rival. The quantity of corner kicks at those and at other gate has sharply increased. In the middle of a game piece uraltsy have earned a penalty – in penal Muscovites have brought down, whom you would think? – correctly! Branimira Petrovicha. The victim has decided to beat a penalty itself, but, unfortunately, has not hammered – the goalkeeper of visitors of Klevinskas has reflected blow.

“ a Torpedo ” has responded dangerous penalty kick – our goalkeeper Igor Kot has gained the command. And soon uraltsy have come forward – after a canopy in the penal area of Muscovites on a ball before all there was Alexander Novikov who has hammered to pleasure of fans   and partners on command.

After the hammered goal “ Ural Mountains ” has not stopped and continued to attack, however, torpedovtsy too few times dangerously snapped. In the end of a match Muscovites had a chance to take away from Ekaterinburg at least a drawn game – but Igor Kot likividiroval threat, having struck aside the next dangerous blow.

strong-willed victory &ldquo became a match Result; Ural Mountains ” – players have shown character and could not only recoup after a missed goal, but also win.


Dmitry Ogaj, head coach FK “ Ural Mountains ”:

- In comparison with last match, this game has turned out for us very difficult. It is necessary to thank children for self-return and for the will to win.