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African chemists have thrown novosibirtsa on 100 thousand euro

Unusual swindlers field investigators of the Novosibirsk Center « have detained; E » the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. Guys – black as a resin, on - russki two know - three words, but get up to positive miracles! However, criminal character. For example, have managed to dissolve the large Novosibirsk businessman on 100 thousand euro!

- Troy Africans of profit to us under the pretext of diplomats, they went to expensive restaurants, got acquainted with businessmen and said that are ready to put up money in their business, - have told « » in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area. - and then smoothly translated a subject supposedly to them new monetary technologies which allow to become rich to any person are known.

According to black swindlers, they have brought to Novosibirsk from Africa a special paper. By means of chemical substances it can turn to any eurocurrency. However, for this focus with money the present denominations are necessary: from them the original print will become ostensibly.

Novosibirsk businessmen gave to swindlers a fantastic sum in hope to be enriched.
a photo: it is given a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Novosibirsk region

- Confirmed the words speculators with a trick. Put to a piece of paper from two parties the present denominations and transformed it into them, - policemen explain. – certainly, it was focus, nothing having the general neither with chemistry, nor with sorcery.

Chudesnikov have detained during the next transaction. One of well-founded businessmen of Novosibirsk has given to them of 100 thousand euro in hope to be enriched.

- Speculators have done with it certain manipulations with application of certain powders (presumably, a usual flour), chemical liquids and a foil, - speak in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. - however in the course of a bookmark of money in a bucket where their quantity should be tripled, have imperceptibly changed the present money on « a doll » - a pack of souvenir banknotes. Having told that in eight hours from a bucket it will be possible to take euros ready three hundred thousand, they have said goodbye and have gone to an exit, however in a corridor have been detained by field investigators.

By means of this « a magic bottle » with chemical elements speculators turned tricks.
a photo: it is given a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Novosibirsk region

Policemen have already established persons « wizards ». 46 - the summer inhabitant of the republic of South Africa spoke on - russki, it « a little; the colleague » - 38 - the summer Cameroonian at all did not understand words. The third speculator – Too from Cameroon, however he lives for a long time in Siberia, it was presented to field investigators « the correspondent of the Kuzbass television » ostensibly shining hockey matches. Presumably, it also has arrived to Siberia from Cameroon. For the podelnikov it has rented apartment, has told about a city, has shown expensive restaurants and the necessary businessmen which could peck on a fishing tackle « wonderful transformations » pieces of paper in banknotes. That is has acted in a role of the tipper-of.

- During a search the euros stolen 100 thousand have been withdrawn from arrested persons. They are real professionals and shrewd psychologists, – Vyacheslav Pevnev, the chief of the centre « admits; E » the area Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. – they very skilfully gained the confidence, manipulating known names and international contacts, have been well dressed. One of them, communicating through the translator, said that knows some languages that its family lives abroad that he wants to live « In silent and quiet Siberia ». To them believed, believing that people run from revolutions, rescue diplomatic ways money resources. It is possible not to doubt – victims are, and it is clear, why they to us are not converted, is visible also feeling behind itself fault. But I want to notice that in actions of victims here there is no crime structure as swindlers offered them the scheme of enrichment as absolutely legal, that is misled a victim. Therefore all who has suffered from actions of the given citizens, we urge to be converted without any fears into law-enforcement bodies.

All victims policemen ask to call by phone (383 232 - 71 - 96.