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The unemployment iceberg at ocean nezanjatosti

On it was informed by Cash desk of insurance upon the unemployment, conducting the scrupulous account of the superfluous people who have got in the field of its sight on a labour market.

so, according to the same Cash desk, 1 400 new unemployed have increased, and total number of the considered competitors of work has made 63 400 persons that is comparable to population of any large Estonian city, except Tallinn and Tartu. Level of the registered unemployment in Estonia, according to experts of Cash desk, makes 9,8 % of able-bodied population of republic. However they start with number converted into Cash desk. Actually real unemployment much more above.

In an essential divergence specify the data of Department of statistics which publishes the data of the gaugings once in a quarter. So, by its calculations, in Estonia about 100 thousand unemployed.

Reports of Cash desk of insurance upon unemployment concerning reduction of number consisting on the account do not open the reasons of this reduction. It is not excluded that any part from the registered unemployed has found new work. But it can be and other reasons of removal from the account: has expired term of reception of the grant, the person has reached pension age, has left the country, has died. Visible reduction of unemployment is contributed by the change accepted some years ago in the pension legislation. According to new edition, the person on reaching certain age can issue to itself small preschedule pension, but thus it has no right to work before achievement of full pension age.

Severo - the east of Estonia where the Russian-speaking population prevails, is the traditional leader on number of the unemployed. Here unemployment approximately twice exceeds average on the country level. But also it is only visible, a tip of the iceberg. As to find work it is a little chances, many avoid a placement service.