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The Novosibirsk trainer has headed Russian national team on biathlon

the Novosibirsk trainer on biathlon Valery Polhovsky has returned   on fast of the head coach of Russian national team.

we Will remind that about change of a trainer`s staff of a national team on biathlon began to speak right after end of a season which has appeared for our sportsmen unsuccessful. As about a probable nominee on fast of the head coach of Russian national team have started talking about Valery Polhovsky whom before some years held the given post, but in 2007 has been removed from this fast. Last years after resignation it worked as the senior trainer of Russian national team on work with a reserve.

the Double Olympic champion on biathlon Anna Bogaly - Titovets right after the season terminations was voiced on the bill of the one whom she sees at the head of structure.

- I will not open any secret if I will tell that for the Olympic games in Vancouver prepared according to plan, made by Valery Polhovsky. In this season it was again converted to it, since February worked already under its schedules. Would like to continue cooperation and further – I and to it already many times spoke about it. He not only knows my status, feels my possibilities, but also constantly studies itself. With it it is interesting to work. And with it there is a result, - Anna Bogaly - Titovets considers.

as to the head coach of a female national team on biathlon here already too all is solved. Past Wednesday, on April, 27th, 56 – the summer German expert Wolfgang Pihler earlier heading Sweden national team, has signed the agreement with the Union of biathlonists of Russia (SBR) about work with a female national team of the country within the next three years.

- Negotiations with Wolfgang Pihlerom we have begun right after the World championship in Hunts - Mansijske. We quickly enough have found common language. With Pihlerom initially spoke about the long-term contract because the strong expert is necessary to us up to Sochi. It was the difficult decision for Wolfgang and a courageous step for ΡΑΠ command. But such decision is dictated by a today`s reality. The best trainers, the strong personalities, capable to take responsibility are necessary to us, - give of Sergey Kushchenko`s word, chief executive SBR a press - service.

On Friday, board meeting SBR following the results of which have confirmed nominees Half-Hovsky and Pihlera on April, 29th has taken place. And Andrey Gerbulov becomes the senior trainer of a man`s national team.

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Valery Nikolaevich Polhovsky, the Russian trainer on the biathlon, the merited trainer of Russia.

Was born on August, 11th, 1953 in the city of Chulym of the Novosibirsk region. Throughout a number of years the head coach of female Russian national team on biathlon. In December, 2007 has been removed from fast. After the Union of biathlonists of Russia was headed by the known businessman Michael Prochorus, has returned in SBR as the senior trainer of Russian national team on work with a reserve.

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