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Picnic in the field of fight in Hagen

it is absurd, irreal, it is hypertrophied - all these epithets approach to statement « Picnic » on Arrabalju whom theatre Miracle under the direction of Elena Kurjanovoj has offered on court to German public in Hagen – a twin-city of Smolensk. The theatre has arrived to Hagen under the society invitation « the Circle of Friends Hagen - Smolensk ».

Miracle it is known in Hagen for a long time. So about two years ago youth theatre already acted here with difficult statement « Behind a door » on Borhertu.   Only this year the war subject has been presented absolutely on another – in Hagen Miracle has offered so-called theatre of absurdity. Absurdity which, accruing with each scene, each remark, say, movement, tightens and turns out all sides of senselessness of war. And when pressure in a hall reads off scale, action breaks. A curtain. An ovation.

Almost all spetakli Miracle puts the in different languages Hans - Verner Engel, the first chairman of a society has told to Germans the Circle - Friends Hagen - Smolensk. But be it German, anglijky, French or Russian - on a scene actors talk to foreign public in one language, clear and accessible in all   the world - pantomime language. These inserts one more find of the art director of theatre of Elena Kurjanovoj. They do real - unreal, tragic - comical, and comical - tragic.

the majority of actors thus does not speak fluently on - nemetski. They have simply learnt the roles by heart but so that many Germans simply did not believe that such is possible. These phrases from performance helped actors with dialogue with German families with which they have been placed during tours.

to Arrive in the field of fight with baskets for picnic - already absurdity on grane insanity. Well who can come to such mad idea, break picnic directly in the field of fight? It is done also by parents of the unlucky young soldier which misses on this war, knits from there is nothing to do and shoots, without aiming. Of bullets and bombs parents not to be afraid. From what suddenly? When for this purpose they have an umbrella. And typical « heroic » a shot against poverzhennogo the enemy? With stuck out forward as it is necessary a chest and a grin in all 32 teeth?

the Main thing not to breathe - aged daddy summarises, and adjusts seeing and not such kinds the camera. To whom is to whom, and to the father which role was brilliantly executed by Andrey Kurganov, it is impossible to contradict. Even in the war. All is very simple. Does not happen easier. And it is more absurd.

Smolensk actors play performance in German.
a photo: Alexander ILYIN

What for? What for it is all? What for this war? If one soldier knits, and the enemy whom as a matter of fact the same boy, grieves in the entrenchment for the girl and makes florets of a fabric. To each fallen companion - on one. and them never will be enough it establishes this fact as due, as something daily. This phrase thrown in public, underlines the reality absurdity of an event. Both that and other soldier wars, because so it is necessary, because so have told, so is written. Only one of them reads thus « Pater noster » And another « Ave Maria ». Here and all difference.

War is senseless – in it the main message of the play of the Spanish playwright. It is necessary to go home simply. The young soldier, its enemy, which not the enemy, his mother, his father, hospital attendants who comb from time to time a scene in search of the killed understands it.

the Enlightenment that all so is simple, and that all it is possible so quickly to finish, come back home and repair there at last the mum`s broken iron, plunges all family into euphoria, they dance pasodobl at an entrenchment, in the sky planes hoot, the turn of the automatic machine &ndash is audible; war proceeds... Here in what absurdity.