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The public prosecutor of Komi has demanded for the murderer of the Syktyvkar student of 18 years of a colony of a high security

Yesterday, on April, 28th, in the Sovereign court of Republic Komi the next session on a sensational case about murder 18 - summer syktyvkartsa Romana Asaenka has taken place. The judge has appointed following session to May, 13th.

- This fortnight break is very necessary to me, - speaks « mum Rums Irina Asaenok. - I for these five days of court am so much naterpelas, have had heard plenty have seen enough that forces simply are not present.

we Will remind, the Novel of Asaenka have killed in the night from 20 for November, 21st, 2010. When the guy with the friend Ilya nearby 12 - ti nights came back home, near the house 26 along the street Blast furnaces Kalikovoj have attacked them six guys. Ilya any miracle managed to escape and get off light, and for Rums one of blows by a stick on head became deadly. The guy has died even before arrival of the fast.

For all sessions which have begun on April, 19th, before court victims have acted: mum Rums, its friend Ilya Semichastnyh who managed to run away from morons that terrible night, the witnesses accused.

especially hard session on which state accuser Yury Ovchinnikov has shown a material evidence &mdash was gave to Irina Vasilevne; a stick with two nails which have killed her son...

Six accused during sessions behaved simply inadmissibly: whispered, laughed, played mobile phones, shook on chairs. Their lawyers aloud advised to the clients « to pretend that repent » but these appeals not strongly operated on swells.

Yesterday at court session the Public prosecutor of Republic Komi Vladimir Ponevezhsky has acted. It has reminded present that the crime has been made with special cruelty and consequently charge will insist on real terms for all six accused.  

the Judge Sokolov has given to five accused (everything, except Mikheyev — a comment red.) The right of last word. The essence all of them speeches was in that them did not judge strictly, and better and have at all justified.

Nevertheless, according to Irina Asaenok, the public prosecutor Ponevezhsky has suggested to give to Shukurovu and Abdullaev term 1 year and 9 months, Kotovu, Hatinovsky and Kosjanenko — 2 years and 10 months, and the main thing accused, the one who has put a mortal blow Rum — to Mikheyev — 18 years of a colony of a high security.

- All of them - both these six, and their lawyers, of course, were in shock from the sounded terms, - Irina Asaenok tells about reaction accused on speech of the public prosecutor. - I any more on what do not adjust myself, and I do not know - a leah the imprisonment terms offered by charge in times will be reduced...

Ivan Mikheyev the last word will tell on May, 13th. This very day, under forecasts of a family of Asaenok and their lawyer Vasily Zashihina, the judge can pronounce a sentence.

- On a twist of fate on May, 13th this year drops out on Friday, - Irina Vasilevna speaks. - I want, that these six have for ever remembered this day and that it became for them on - to the present unhappy....


On a dock have appeared all six accused and to all of them « shine » different terms and punishments - depending on traumas which they have put to the victim that fatal night. To Ivan Mikheyev accusation in the commission of crime, the provided item of the item « is brought to the main figurant who, according to examination, also has put a mortal blow; d » « and » ch. 2 items 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the murder made from hooligan promptings, with special cruelty). Konstantin Kotov, Oleg Hotenovsky, Nikolay Kasjanenko are accused under the item « and » ch. 2 items 116 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (drawing of the beating made from hooligan promptings) and the item « And » ch. 2 items 115 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (deliberate causing of a little harm to the health, made from hooligan promptings). To Konstantin Shukurovu, Evgenie Abdullaev the commission of crime, the provided item « is made; and » ch. 2 items 116 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the drawing of a beating made from hooligan promptings).