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To Stavropol Territory have caught two more pedophiles

To Stavropol Territory continue to detain pedophiles. In Ipatovsky area   it is arrested   34 - the summer inhabitant of village Big Dzhalga.   It is suspected that forced juvenile mentally unhealthy   the nephew.  

- With   22 on April, 24th the man at home   has made violent acts of sexual character concerning the 10 - the summer nephew, suffering affliction mental disease. The suspect is detained, the petition for election is directed to court to it of a preventive punishment in the form of imprisonment, - has informed the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management (on interaction from mass-media)
Investigatory committee of edge Ekaterina Danilov  .

In Isobilnensky area investigation of criminal case concerning the serial pedophile is finished. 62 - the summer local resident   it is accused of fulfilment of 11 crimes against sexual inviolability of children.

- With   May till September, 2010 it   has got acquainted with   three juvenile girls and two boys living with it in the neighbourhood, has gained them then resulted home and made with children dissolute actions. Besides,   it has made   violent acts of sexual character concerning two juvenile girls. Criminal case with the confirmed bill of particulars is directed to court, - Ekaterina Danilov has informed.