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on May, 8th 1945 - go me conducted on execution

If to me this history the grey-haired elderly person with deep prints on the person of the lived years, not the hero of events, and someone told not another, I would not believe. This history is worthy a film about war. The ready scenario - take and remove. And that after viewing many would leave a cinema with words: « Be such cannot ». But in life can be and what even the most courageous script writer will not think up.

- I did not tell about years of war almost to anybody because people will not believe, will tell: « Whistles Cowards ». And in - the second, all life wanted to forget these terrible years, what for bad to remember? - The veteran of the Great Patriotic War Igor Aleksandrovich Trusov tells, overturning the turned yellow sheets of an album.

is I with you something has opened the heart. Perhaps age already such. To me after all 86 years. Any more that - eyes bring health. But I do not despond. On a broader scale, the main thing that has understood, in life it is impossible to despond, lower hands, to surrender. Here a medal at me just for it. At me only one medal. But what! - Igor Aleksandrovich has accurately opened a small box. In it - a medal on which the word « is engraved; Unsubdued ».

History unsubdued

Boy Igorek was born in 1924. Grew in village Dretno of the Novgorod region. And here to school has gone to study to Leningrad where has finished nine classes.

- in the summer 1941 - go I have arrived home to village on vacation. I remember, how we with boys have gone a rye to clean. Took sickles and in the field. Suddenly we hear a terrible rumble, shouts, have then seen a smoke. Have run home, and the village already blazes. Then half of village has burnt down. So we have learnt that war has begun. In village was some soldier who tried to reject pressure, but them was too little. Fascists plundered and took away all. Who tried to resist - set fire to their houses. Have then collected all men who had not time to leave on service, and have withdrawn. Since August the stream our, Russian captured which Germans conducted through village, became never-ending. Went in a tatter, in the broken footwear, who redressed who without bandages with open wounds, leaving a trail of blood. The show was terrible. Women tried to bring unfortunate bread. For it fritsy beat their butts.

have then withdrawn also me. I was taken prisoner on August, 7th, 1941. Us young and strong have withdrawn to Latvia, in the city of Mitava, for defensive works. Our main task was to construct roads. And we built days on flight. At any time year and under any weather conditions.

I Remember, there was in camp a muzhik with the big such beard. Rural muzhichok. He from first days speaks to me: « Keep me and do as I: do not climb forward, do not dangle at the tail-end, but also in the middle be not late. Pretend that you work, but do not work you on these beasts ». Here it was the great science: not to work there where you are brought to work, and not to catch sight there where there is no place to disappear.

And then one more good guy has got to camp from Leningrad. To tell the truth, it was the thief. There are such people who easily get it is impossible what to get. And so with its occurrence I began more - to eat less. It fed up us - did sorties of a barrack at night and brought something a food.

In camp I have understood that in the world it is a lot of good people. Even in the places, created to destroy, the person can remain the person. But beasts around was more. There was one supervisor, the fascist, long such. Fierce was very much. If to us, prisoners, it has got after war, it would break off … - Igor Aleksandrovich has become silent, having plunged into heavy memoirs, and a minute later has continued.


- that war crisis has come, we have understood even in a captivity. If in the beginning we constructed roads after our problem was them to blow up. For these years we have laid a way and road to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, in Belarus, in the Pskov and Novgorod areas. And then also blew up that have made. Receding, Germans destroyed after themselves all. They reserved the ashes. But to recede to fascists it was necessary on roads which have been mined by our guerrillas. Germans forced to go in advance captured which blew up in hundreds. Already more close by the end of war of receding fascists fired from the sky at our planes. Pilots saw that ahead go captured to rabble, and us did not touch, bombed a column from the middle.

on May, 8th, 1945 I was in camp in Latvia. Germans then in large quantities shot the captured. I understood by then many words on - nemetski. And here I have heard the order: « ershissen » (erschie ß - from German « to shoot »). I have understood that my turn has come also. Us was nine persons. Have put to a wall. During this moment in camp the motorcyclist has driven and began to shout something on - nemetski. Among fascists the panic has begun. To us have shouted: « Raus! » (« raus » - in colloquial German it is used as « get out ») . Germans have run in all directions. And in some minutes our soldiers have come to camp. Then we have learnt that to war the end. For the rest of the life I every year idle not only a Victory Day, but also the second day of the birth - on May, 8th.

When we have come, in camp live there were nearby 300 persons. Lean, in a tatter, with hollow persons. Such phantoms, shades. All of us have taken out, have fed, have washed up and have cut. In a month I was already similar to the person - the soldier then fed well.
but to come back to me there was no place. After clearing has learnt that mother has died in occupation in 1943. The father have shot in 1937 that was the priest. Elder sisters lived before war in Leningrad so, were in blockade. They have survived or not, I did not know. Already later, when I have gone to Leningrad to study, have gone to the old address where before war there lived sisters and represent, I have found them! They have endured blockade, hunger, illnesses. And I have endured a captivity. Here so.

After the end of war to me was only 21 year. Well, and as from - for a captivity I and did not minister in army, on May, 31st, 1945 me have directed on service to Union Armed forces, as the private soldier. To minister I has begun in Latvia where was in a captivity. All next year we participated in Victory parades in the released cities. So I have served the put three years.

Us in 1945 - m as winners met

Life after war only has begun. When I was 26 years old, I have gone to study. Me - the former prisoner of camp, moreover and the son of the priest - took only in agricultural institute. In others did not take. Has received a speciality of the electrical engineer. On distribution have sent to the Kirov region where I have started to work as the electrical engineer in Makarevsky branch « SelElektro ». At first thought, I will fulfil the put term - and to Leningrad. But what there. Has met Tatyana, the wife future, has fallen in love, married. Here also remained. Already almost 60 years together - are terrible to think. And in   « Kirovenergosbyte » I have worked all life - to the pension - 46 years, 10 months and 12 days. Has counted up. Work terribly interesting was. And honourable. We after all in villages brought an electricity. Us in each electrified village as winners met. As the soldier in 1945 - m. With bread, salt. In village a holiday declared.

In 1969 to me have appropriated a rank « the Drummer of communistic work ». Became the inspector, and then and the senior inspector. Work difficult was - acceptance of electrodevices - business responsible. Moreover and work with people. It is necessary both firm to be and persistent, and at the same time understanding. On a broader scale, with people it is necessary on - ljudski. And then in life all will be good. Here I`m fine was in life. To me time and again in life carried. And all because good people on life came across to me.

Saying goodbye, Igor Aleksandrovich has suddenly asked:

- You know, what credo at me? Remember: « The more loading, the more strong an organism. Absolutely to relax - to be lost. Money not all. On them it is possible to buy: a bed - but not a dream, books - but not mind, food - but not appetite, magnificent dresses - but not beauty, medicines - but not health, luxury - but not culture, entertainment - but not happiness, religion - but not rescue ».